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Expert Witness Explains How E-Cigarettes Can Cause Burn Injuries

E-Cigarettes have become the next way in which a person may choose to stop smoking or to prevent offensive normal cigarette smoke from offending others. While there are many potential benefits to these alternatives, it is important to realize the disadvantages of switching to an E-cigarette as well.

Additionally, there are some manufactured products that may be designed with defects that cause particular parts of the device to harm the owner. Because it is known that some E-cigarettes have battery pieces that may explode, there are expert witnesses that may be hired to assist a lawyer in explaining the mechanics to a jury or judge and aid in a case against the manufacturer.

When the purchaser of these items is not made aware that there could potentially be an issue with the batteries or parts involving the batteries in which could cause a minor explosion, there may be a case for negligence with defectively designed products. There are expert professional witnesses that have experience with these devices and how they are created, distributed and function. The lithium ion battery placed within these machines has been known in many instances to lead
to burns and abrasions when these areas of the device overheat, malfunction or are damaged through normal use. As an expert witness for E-cigarettes is hired and utilized in these cases, he or she may explain how the victim was not made aware that the brand purchased could lead to severe injury.

What the Expert Witness for E-Cigarettes May Know

Expert witnesses that have knowledge and experience with E-cigarettes may also understand and have studied the facets and functionality of lithium ion batteries. This means they usually are aware of how certain materials and pieced together devices have the potential for disaster due to the design of these products. Others may not have a design defect, but the manufactured item could have a defective part that causes the same catastrophe in an explosion on or burning of the victim. Additionally, the batteries may have defective designs or parts that cause these explosive results. When there is too much energy packed into a small space, there could be hazardous issues that occur. There is a meltdown when the energy is unrestrained or cannot be contained when used within devices. These issues could occur with other machines as well, and in some instances, the combination of e-cigarette and lithium ion battery are what lead to the incident.

Thermal runaway is also studied and researched by expert witnesses in how they relate to batteries used in devices. The lithium ion battery is known to cause an explosion or meltdown from within or at the surface when encountering the parts that provide energy to the electronic equipment they reside within when placed inside. Some are low-quality when manufactured at the company, but others have too much energy in a standard battery. Combining low-quality and high energy output causes even worse results that lead to temperatures over 90 degrees that could cause bursting of battery energy or a meltdown which burns the victim affected by these materials. When placed in the E-cigarette device, the smoker may become harmed through an explosion or melting of metal on his or her face and other vulnerable areas.

Burn Injuries of E-cigarette Devices

When an expert witness has been retained for a case where the victim of the device has been burned through an explosion or meltdown incident, he or she is usually injured grievously. The expert professional has the knowledge of what areas are affected, how much damage is caused and how extensive therapy and treatment are required to attempt to make the victim whole after the incident. While an additional expert witness in the medical field may be necessary to explain the procedures and the cost of medicine, the E-cigarette witness typically has enough knowledge and experience with these devices to explain how burns affect certain areas and why the scorched areas are damaged as much as they are and how.

Hiring an Expert E-Cigarette Witness for a Case

When the victim of an E-cigarette device is left burned, scarred or grievously injured, it is often vital in obtaining and utilizing an expert witness so the jury panel and judge understand just how these dangerous machines caused the wounds. For claims of compensation, the testimony of these professionals is invaluable. With their understanding of electronic cigarettes, an expert witness has the capacity for explaining why the manufacturer is liable for the damages due to defects and the use of low-quality lithium ion batteries.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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