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Defects are often found in products that are manufactured for consumers once the items have been distributed to retailers in usual circumstances. However, defects may be found in all manner of crafted items and objects around the world. Of these, some of the most dangerous may comprise problems in architecture and construction.

If a bridge has been designed and created with a defect, it has the chance of affecting and injuring a greater number of persons than a single product purchased for one home. The same types of issues may be observed in buildings with defective stairwells, elevators and floors constructed with faulty support beams. Catastrophic disasters may be magnified when there are hundreds or thousands of individuals injured through these defects.

For architectural construction, defects may be discovered through design or incorrect manufacturing. If the design has a flaw that is carried through when the edifice is created, the entire structure may be prone to the problem or may malfunction at any time to include during construction. However, if the concern exists with the company or contractors that build the erection, the issue may be contained in only one area or
section. This may also be of concern when a case of injury arises that involves liability and personal injury claims. It is for these situations that an expert witness becomes paramount in explaining, detailing and revealing the entirety of the defect and who may be responsible for the injuries that ensued.

Defect Specifics concerning Cases of Injury

There are various types of defects that may affect an architectural edifice. One such problem is a latent defect that affects a certain portion of the building. This is an issue that exists within the construction that the owner of the property is unaware of, and cannot be expected to discover through normal means on his or her own even with reasonable care taken. These defective areas cause a case for litigation and compensation for personal injury to become complicated and full of unknown details that only experts may assist in unraveling. An architectural defect expert witness should have experience in explaining how a latent defect cannot fault the owner or manager of the property due to there being no knowledge of the concern and a lack of means to correct it.

Various and numerous housing complexes may have latent or design defects that are not the fault of the owner or manager of the properties. However, if these persons created the designs initially, they may be responsible for damages. Some state economies have been devastated by defects proliferated in architecture during construction so much so that housing costs soar to rates that renters and leaseholders cannot provide. Additionally, these matters may affect insurance carriers involved in personal injury cases for those harmed due to the defects existing within the homes designed with the faulty construction. It is possible both an architectural defect expert witness and an economic financial expert witness may be necessary to explain how this affects the owner or manager of the properties as well as moving the responsibility for damages to the correct party.

What is an Architectural Expert Witness?

Someone considered an expert in the field of architectural defects may have a license in architecture, a certified specialty and years of inspection behind his or her resume. Building codes, construction defects, safety protocols and standards of care are all considered areas he or she may understand on a professional level through study and research. He or she may have extensive experience and understanding of design defects and failures that occur in buildings and constructs. This may also include understanding how a structure is created, what is in the design phase, how companies contract individuals and why certain stages occur during the construction.

Cases and Defects in Constructed Designs

When a defect exists in an edifice, it is important to know which entity is responsible for the property damage that ensues once it malfunctions and who to seek compensation from if an injury occurs. With evidence in the design blueprints, photos taken of the destruction and prior to it and the assistance of an expert witness, a reconstruction of what occurred may be accomplished.

Seek an Architectural Defect Expert Witness

Once a defect has caused an incident, an architectural defect expert witness may be contacted to explain with analysis and an understanding of the problem how it occurred and why. This professional may also be capable of preventing further disaster with uncovered facts involving the construction and design of the building or structure. An inspection may be necessary. This expert witness may prove the responsible party in a case for success.

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