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Expert Witness in Video Forensics Can Discuss Surveillance Footage Enhancements

Surveillance footage is necessary in litigation when attempting to prove that one party is not honest or participates in wrongful activity that could or does harm others. An expert in understanding these files or video footage may need to assess the legitimacy of such digital files to ascertain if they are fake, enhanced or altered in some manner.

When a husband or wife find the other spouse cheating or if there is suspicion of child abuse, video surveillance become important for one side or the other. A private investigator hired for these purposes may record hours of relevant footage for the claim. Then, these videos are in the courtroom demonstrating why one side is better fit or requires more compensation for the damage caused by the other. However, some footage requires enhancements or is already enhanced to alter certain details. An expert in video forensics may need to apply various methods of practice to uncover or explain the truth of the situation.

What Is Video Forensics?

The reason to hire an expert in video files is because these professionals have scientific knowledge and talents in enhancing and verifying video files recorded for various activities. These are necessary in many
court cases, and the video forensics expert is able to retrieve evidence from the files. Through enhancing the quality of the captured content, the expert may reveal details, authenticate actions of others and discover hidden information. These videos may become invaluable to a claim and could provide one side with a significant advantage. Many of these experts may come from private investigator backgrounds, but others have been working in video surveillance or electronics for years beforehand.

Video Enhancements Explained

When a person uses a video recorder or other device to capture action in motion, the quality is not often sufficient to prove any true details of what occurred. Because of this, video enhancement is often necessary. However, there is only so much enhancement possible for certain files. Additionally, if the footage shot is from a great distance, there are few details anyone is able to process even with the best possible enhancements available. An expert in electronics may explain these problems before enhancing the details enough so that various actions are explainable. Then, after the process completes, it is either possible to reveal what happened, or the video may only provide a glimmer of the truth.

When an incident occurs, video enhancement of the actions may prove that the defendant is the culprit of injury. This is important when attempting to establish proof and liability. Damages owed to the plaintiff become a pressing issue that requires evidence and proof. However, if the expert witness is able to explain how the enhancements assisted in showing who was part of the incident, the judge or jury may understand why the compensation is necessary. Additionally, the professional hired may discuss other details and actions that occurred during the incident based on the footage. Through his or her testimony, it is possible to show who was responsible.

Uncovering the Truth

Through the use of an expert in video surveillance and forensics, it is possible to discover the truth behind grainy and glitchy video files. With sophisticated equipment or expensive software, an expert in these matters may enhance video well enough that he or she may corroborate the details of the plaintiff. However, until the enhancements complete their sweep, the information about the incident needs confirmation. This could lead to the video files disproving the claim or strengthening the defendant’s case when the video shows that he or she did not cause the injury. It is critical that the plaintiff knows who caused the incident before proceeding to this point.

If the plaintiff’s senses were off or dulled during the incident such as when consuming drugs or alcohol, his or her claim may crumple after the vide enhancements complete. If another culprit is responsible for the injury, the entire case needs revision. Accusing an innocent person has consequences, and the use of the expert may prove these true if the victim is not sure who caused the injury. However, the expert’s skills may uncover the truth of the matter clearly.

Expert Testimony in Video Forensics

After enhancing the video files to the point they are clear, the expert’s testimony in interpreting viewed details may become necessary. Through his or her experience, it is possible to observe who or what is in the file and how it affects the plaintiff or defendant directly.

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