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Expert Witness on the Hidden Dangers of the Meatpacking Industry

Meatpacking jobs often come with various dangers that are both hidden and obvious to administration, management and staff. These may be observed through machinery, tools, equipment and materials used in the company.

The entire industry may have safety protocols implemented to protect all workers within the field, but it is up to each facility to ensure these regulations are adhered to and utilized properly. For some individuals, the job may prove too bloody. These that are incapable of stomaching gore and bleeding flesh, it is best to seek other employment before the trauma of these sights becomes too much to bear.

While there are dangers of knives, bones and sharp implements in use, it is the hidden hazards that might be more harmful to employees in the meatpacking industry. These may be chemicals used in the plant or in boxes and materials that touch the skin. Other dangers could be the latex or rubber and any powders attached to protective gear. Some equipment has an electrical current that may shock or cause burns through electrical malfunctions. The repetitive motions each worker experiences when hacking up animal carcasses and boxing the shipments could cause long-term damage to the body. And expert witness may prove to be the boon for a successful suit in these situations.

Expert Witnesses in the Meatpacking Industry

When a lawyer contacts someone as a witness, he or she is usually interviewed to ensure the best match for the case. Expert witnesses have experience and knowledge in a profession or field where an average witness has only detailed observances. Someone used as an expert witness in a meatpacking incident usually understands what the worker went through every day, what materials and equipment were utilized, what methods of safety should have been implemented and similar information. Explaining the day to day operations paints a clear picture of what these employees are subjected to for a judge or selected jury panel.

A timetable or timeline is often reconstructed by the expert witness when an incident occurs. This is usually crafted from details of the injury, an understanding of what occurred that day, conditions within the facility garnered from multiple sources and other methods. With these details, the expert may recreate the accident in theory so that the responsible party may be held liable for damages when the case proceeds to that point. Other conditions may become available through the use of secondary or tertiary expert witnesses such as impact loss when the injured person loses a limb or the economic effect these circumstances cause to the affected person.

Hidden Dangers Affects to Employees

Certain hidden hazards found in a meatpacking plant could cause long-term damage that requires extensive treatment or assistance. These injuries may affect specific areas of the body such as the back when constantly bending over or the wrists in repetitive motions completed each day. Loud noises that attack the ears even through protective gear may wear on the eardrum and lead to impairment of hearing. Some individuals are required to look at monitors or glowing screens which could lead to continual headaches and a decrease in functional sight. Treating these issues may be expensive or cause a loss of income for many years.

Other hidden dangers may be found in the various other areas such as psychological or emotional impacts to workers. When a person is constantly subjected to cold temperatures, his or her body acclimates to these situations which may lead to trauma when he or she is no longer in these circumstances. Emotional distress may ensue. The long-term psychological influence of cutting down meat could cause someone stress. Others may be affected through isolation or a disconnect from social interactions when dealing with meat and boxing materials where there is little communication between employees. This may also influence how workers behave in romantic relationships or with family.

Other Factors and Expert Witness Contact

Some other factors may exist that cause issues such as the employment of inexperienced or untrained workers. When these persons are placed in a facility, they may not have an awareness that protective gear should be used. Safety protocols may be bypassed by individuals in these situations. When language barriers exist, additional problems may occur.

When a case is filed, it is often necessary to contact an expert as a witness to ensure a greater possibility of success. These professionals have extensive experience and an understanding of these fields. One such person in the meatpacking industry is able to provide additional perspective and a clear picture of how an incident occurred and why.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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