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Expert Witness Provides Testimony in Formaldehyde in Construction Materials Product Litigation Cases

Construction materials used in a product’s creation may contain certain harmful chemicals, and an expert witness may need to provide testimony against the manufacturer or construction company when a person or employee sustains injury from the resource used. The professional hired for these claims may also need to express to the courtroom why formaldehyde was in the materials.

Construction Materials

There is a list of toxins and contaminants that may exist in the products created and used by a construction company. These may lead to a products liability claim when a person or employee suffers injury due to these materials. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and is often in household products as well as construction resources used within buildings or other edifices. Even low-level exposure could cause physical harm over a prolonged period. The possible damage the chemical could cause involves internal issues that the victim may need emergency medical assistance for as well as long-term health care.

The Injury with Formaldehyde

There are certain situations that lead to product litigation claims when the employee or person suffers an injury. The individual generally must sustain significant physical harm through the ingestion,
contact or prolonged exposure to the formaldehyde. He or she will contact a lawyer and then this professional will often hire an expert witness. The professional tasked with these cases may need time to test the materials and any exposure the victims had with the chemical. The results may provide the expert with the necessary details about physical harm and what damages are necessary for recovery.

The Expert Witness Explains the Construction Materials

Often, when a construction company or agency uses certain chemicals there is a specific reason. In a products liability or construction claim where another person suffers harm, the expert witness will need to provide testimony about the materials used in the constructed edifice. The professional may need to explain why the formaldehyde is in the construction resources used within the building. Some flooring may use the chemical in high amounts for various reasons. The experts testifying in these cases needed to help the plaintiffs in a class action suit with damages for extreme exposure. Some lumber companies must settle the matter out of court to avoid such costly claims.

Other cases require the expert witness to both discuss and explain the treatment and exposure matters that this chemical may cause to the body and how to recover from it through medical assistance. The treatment may become costly if the individual suffers injury through prolonged exposure or extreme contact and seriously high quantity of the material. Depending on the goal of the construction company, the injuries may cause extensive and long-term damage to the victim’s body. The expert’s testimony through the explanation of the results in testing the materials and quantity of formaldehyde may provide a better understanding of why the plaintiff needs monetary compensation.

The Work of the Expert Witness

For some accidents and injuries through product liability and litigation cases, the expert’s work will require him or her to test materials and to research the specific conditions affecting the victim. Other experts may need to both calculate damages and to restructure the incident to develop a timeline. The more understanding the professional has with the materials and construction that affected the employee or individual, the better he or she may present these matters to the courtroom. Often results will give inconclusive evidence or may require additional tests to determine other related factors.

Some experts must work within the federal regulations that affect and demand certain conditions with construction projects. The professional working for the claim where injury occurs may know more about the products liability lawsuit when formaldehyde is not generally in the building or lumber materials. The chemical is also flammable, and if a fire spread that harmed the victim, the expert may need to determine if the cause was the formaldehyde or something else to help hold the correct party responsible for the damage.

The Expert’s Testimony in Formaldehyde Construction

Once the expert understands the underlying issues, he or she will work with the lawyer to present various aspects of the case. This usually involves explaining test results and clearing up confusion about an issue that the judge or jury does not understand without professional assistance. The testimony may also provide a better understanding of how the injuries occurred and if the defendant holds liability for the damage caused through the use of formaldehyde.

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