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Expert Witness: What Does a Child Custody Expert Witness Do?

Child custody cases are often plagued with complications, arguments and conflict on both sides. When both parties vie for the custody of the child or children affected by the dissolution of the relationship, both family lawyers and expert witnesses are usually needed to settle the disputes.

These professionals used as witnesses may be placed in the court room setting to assist in convincing the court in who should be provided custody of the youth. This may be accomplished in a variety of means, but most often this occurs through the descriptions of how one spouse is, treats the affected young person and living conditions that may affect the growth and nurturing of the child.

When participating in the court case, the expert child custody witness provides evidence through numerous sources in how the child affected by the divorce must be placed with one of the parents in particular due to a special need of attention, for the best interests of the child or to ensure the proper development needed when placed with the specific parent. No matter how long the disagreement continues with the child custody hearing, an expert witness is useful in a variety of ways in detailing why the other parent is not fit, the spouse is needed for a nurturing environment or to ensure the young person is kept with friends and family that are close by.

The Tasks for an Expert Witness

When hired to assist in a case of child custody, an expert witness examines the details and facts of the spouses, the child and the situation overall. The better this professional understands the circumstances, the greater he or she is able to explain why one spouse over the other is needed to have full custody. In order to communicate to the judge or jury, the expert’s testimony should be informed and concise. This requires knowing about the ability of the adults involved and how they raise the child. This may include the entire family situation, the financial obligations and circumstances, the potential earnings that may provide for the future and external factors that are related to the case.

In regards to child support, the expert’s testimony may be invaluable to determine who should have custody and how much monetary backing is needed to provide a quality life for the youth. Once all details of the custody battle have been determined by the expert witness, he or she may construct a scenario for the judge or jury so the included individual or group understands why the other parent is not the right fit for the situation. This usually is explained through various factors that most often include how much nurturing the young person receives through either spouse. Because the best interests of the child are what matter, the court often sides with the mother so that the little person may receive enough care and attention to thrive in the world.

Testimony of the Expert Witness

The relevant information about the custody of the child must be related to the judge or jury in the court room by the expert witness. The best interests of the young person are explained through the testimony of this professional through evidence, observances and experience in the field of child care and custody battles. The needs of love and care must be met, but the youth also requires education, guidance through adolescence, healthy stability, stable and protected environment and protection from harm. With all these factors considered, the expert witness may provide a clear and concise informative demonstration of who is better suited to give these to the involved young individual.

When a hearing or trial is necessary, an expert witness takes the stand and relates what he or she has learned through his or her investigation of the situation. While these details are taken with other aspects and factors to complete the event, an expert’s testimony provides weight to the case. Due to the need of relating the materials to the court, a professional in these matters is often necessary so that the average person understand what is at stake, how the spouse that gains custody may affect the child’s life and how the individual that is given care of the youth may ensure he or she thrives in the community. Expert witnesses work in conjunction with lawyers, and they have extensive experience in the subject so that they may ensure others understand all elements involved in resolution of these matters.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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