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Expert Witnesses and the Securities Fraud Case Certification

Fraud is often a very damaging crime to those affected. The theft of information or funds from a company tends to harm multiple persons, and it may lead to a continued problem for the business. When certain information is taken, it may be highly injurious based on who is involved and how much is stolen.

When stocks or investments have been altered in this manner, securities fraud transpires. One reason these crimes are so damaging is due to the false information given to certain markets that cause fluctuations in stocks or investments through purchase or sales. It is possible to harm numerous companies and hundreds or thousands of persons through these business concerns.

Other potential complications arise in determining if the actions of the perpetrator are illegal and how they affect the market. This means that if the person’s behavior did not negatively impact security pricing, he or she may not be held accountable for damages. This is often considered through understanding if the market targeted is efficient and what actions affected which securities. Because of the complexity with these concerns, an expert witness is necessary. The details are usually
too complicated for a judge or jury to understand without this professional explaining what certain actions and numbers mean.

Certification Class

Certification often depends on various factors to include how it pertains to a class. This means that requirements are necessary for someone to qualify such as common questions in law being satisfied. Claims must be typical to be included in this class for claims. All truths and facts must be relevant to the case. For the plaintiff to be class certified, he or she must be involved in a case that is similar to typical claims of the same sort. Precedence may be established, but this may require an additional hearing. It is best to contact a lawyer to understand how these stipulations work and why it is important that an expert witness is hired in addition to the legal professional.

Fraud on the Market

Many that are affected by these fraud situations are only able to recover when it has been determined they’ve been affected by misrepresentations. However, with securities issues and class actions there are punitive classes that may be started. However, due to the complications securities fraud cases bring, it has been determined that there are fewer restrictions for moving forward when the victim has been harmed by someone that defrauded him or her. In many claims of fraud with securities, an expert witness is necessary to explain the details and how the person was financially or economically harmed through the acts of the perpetrator.

The Role of the Expert Witness

Because a judge may need to determine if the fraud actually caused an issue with the market, an expert witness’ testimony may assist him or her in understanding how certain acts or behavior may adversely affect the current market or cause ripples that lead to eventual fluctuations. Securities altered in this manner trigger greater consequences than may initially show or be observed by the average person. It is essential to look passed the numbers and towards trends that might continue which change market flows. A professional versed in business and securities must have a strong economics background to fully grasp how these fraud cases affect both the victim and the market as a whole.

The expert witness must use his or her knowledge and experience in the field to translate an economics model of the current market data to what may occur in the future through the fraudulent actions of the perpetrator. Stocks, bonds and similar financial matters may be negatively or positively affected in favor of the perpetrator. This means that the questions issued must be answered by the professional to satisfy the court sufficiently so that the victim may be awarded damages or a remedy to the situation. While the defendant may provide statements that refute the possible or projected market changes, another expert witness may attempt to prove through economic models how his or her statements or fraudulent acts were not enough to lead to a negative impact on the securities market.

Expert Witnesses for Securities Fraud

In conjunction with working with a lawyer, an expert witness has the job of explaining the details and translating data into a working report for the average person. This may require extensive interpreting for those that are unfamiliar with economics and how certain acts affect the market. However, with the assistance of these professionals, the success of a case may increase greatly.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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