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Expert Witnesses Discuss Dangers of Using Forceps during Childbirth

There are many dangers in childbirth, but there are none greater than when the baby is harmed during the process. This may occur with various tools, methods or if there are complications that arise in the middle of the procedure.

In order to explain the dangers of some materials and processes, a lawyer may find hiring an expert witness most beneficial in increasing the chances of a successful outcome of a case. This is due to the knowledge these professionals possess, and in many circumstances, these persons have a background in the medical field or have worked in a hospital previously.

Forceps have been explained by experts to have harmful side-effects when used to remove an infant from the mother. While there are normal dangers such as marks on the face or body these are often only temporary. However, if the child experiences a broken bone or severe tissue damage, this could lead to long-term harm. Long-term or life-altering injuries are not uncommon when using forceps, and many expert facilities such as the Mayo Clinic have explained how the risks may outweigh the benefits of
such tools. When wounds are sustained, it is best to contact a lawyer for possible medical malpractice, and an expert witness is usually necessary to discuss why the dangers of implements such as forceps should be avoided.

Potential Risks to the Baby

There is a higher chance that a risk of injury may occur for the baby, the mother or both when the tools are used during childbirth. Such risks may include the tissues being harmed between the reproductive and excretive systems that cause pain after the delivery is performed. Tears and lacerations are possible when the forceps are applied with force to the mother, and this could affect the bladder in urinating or in general daily interactions. Short-term and long-term damage may be an issue when the bladder or genital areas have been injured to the point that the mother is not able to voluntarily urinate properly. With excessive blood loss during the procedure, the pregnant female may later experience anemia due to the lack of healthy red blood cells.

There are possible risks to the baby’s head that could lead to metal impairments, sensory problems and long-term care due to a lack of being able to care for himself or herself later in life for the child. These tools could cause muscle and ligament injuries so that they are weak and cannot support organs, legs or arms in daily use. This may become a constant or continual pain through torn tissue or muscles when the baby has been removed forcefully. Other risks of danger are possible if the infant is stuck and additional strength is applied to the forceps to remove him or her.

High Risks and Dangers

There are a number of moderate risks when using forceps to deliver a baby, but some of these are a much greater danger to the quality of life and health of an infant and the mother. These risks increase exponentially when tools such as forceps are applied with force and strength. If certain incisions are made to provide a means of easy for the delivery, it is possible that excessive bleeding and infection may be the result. Some other rare problems may arise when the tissues and muscles are harmed while the child is being born.

The pressure of the forceps may lead to facial damage which could cause disfigurement. The same muscles in the face could be weakened and stop developing properly. If the eyes are traumatized during this process, they could become lazy, unfocused or impaired so that glasses are needed. Excessive injuries may transpire near the head that leads to a fracture or bleeding in the skull. These may slow growth or development of the brain and head. Mental or sensory impairments are likely with these wounds. Any of these problems could cause the child to have seizures during or after the birth. When certain damage is done, the seizures may become a constant issue later.

The Expert Witness in Forceps Dangers

Many professionals hired as expert witnesses have a background in infant medicine and know the dangers these tools and implements possess when applied with any amount of force. The fragile and small body is often not strong enough to sustain the application of forceps without being damaged. An expert witness is able to explain this to the average person and why compensation is necessary for life-altering and long-term medical care or even minor harm that may need healthcare to resolve.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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