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Expert Witnesses Explain Cause of Plane Crash

Plane crashes are extremely horrendous incidences where many individuals die, sustain injury or leave traumatized from the crash and events leading to it. Expert witnesses are hired to explain the causes and how the issue started which led to the eventual crash.

There are numerous types of plan crashes. The causes could stem from electrical problems, pilot issues and even turbulence. The expert is hired to explain how certain factors affected the plane and occupants. The incident occurred due to something specific, and the professional may need to recreate the event to determine the exact cause and how it led to the actual crash. Through understanding all preceding factors, the expert may apply them to the situation. This may lead him or her to a conclusion based on evidence and witnessed events inside the plane. Interviewing the pilot may shed light on what was observed in the cockpit.

Causes of Plane Crashes

There are multiple ways a plane crashes based on a single problem. Electrical grid issues could lead to fires, failures in mechanical systems and electrocution. There are numerous paths the electricity
may move to lead to several different locations for the one issue to occur, or the energy may branch into more than one section of the plane. Fires could cause depressurization and mechanical systems may fail which leads to crashes in certain situations. Other problems with turbulence could move the plane quickly or damage certain areas of the exterior. Those within may sustain injury or die if the crash is severe.

The expert must explain how these occurrences happen based on the evidence. This may lead to an investigation into the problem that takes weeks or months for analysis and assessment. Working with others from the airline and various agencies, the expert may garner a conclusion with the cooperation of these groups. A report is customary in these circumstances so that the entire event is recorded and better understood by the professional. Once he or she has what is necessary for the claim, he or she may pass the report to the judge and lawyer for examination. An assessment of the injuries, factors of the crash and partial testimony are often within the report.

Expert Witness Explanation

Some plan crashes are caused by air traffic control, the runway and those attempting to assist the pilot make a safe landing. The expert’s job is to discover the exact reason for the injuries based on the crash. The liable party is responsible for damages, and any compensation awarded to the victim comes from this person or group. This could entail the airline paying out, the pilot or another individual. Negligence in harm caused to another person is often what leads to a successful case. However, proving this is difficult without the assistance of an expert witness.

The evidence is gathered to demonstrate to the jury that those accountable for the accident are responsible for damages to the plaintiff. This requires eloquent speech from the expert witness. He or she will present testimony that clears up confusion or connects the already displayed evidence to the guilty party. By detailing the incident and showing the association between injured and negligent, the professional’s testimony is given weight when the jury has confidence in the expert. These details may convince the jury or judge that the defendant is the party responsible. But, the evidence must match the opinion of the crash. Recreating the incident and scene provide more information about how the plaintiff was harmed.

Testimony and Compensation in Plane Crashes

Specialists in airport management, aviation and aerospace engineering and similar matters are hired to testify about failure in adherence with aviation safety or controls in air traffic. When certain factors exist, the expert may provide more information than the airline. While the company wants to protect from damages to the injured, the expert may expose the issue and reveal the much-needed details. Injury and death may follow a crash, and the professional hired presents new or clearer data about the causes. His or her testimony often connects the airline or pilot to the cause, and the injured becomes aware of how and why he or she was harmed.

Compensation claims explained by the expert detail the reasons for a certain amount. The details and factors of the case may increase or decrease fair damages, and these elements are explained by the expert so that recovery is possible and may provide the victim with a way to move on form the incident.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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