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Expert Witnesses Explain Damages in Airbag Defect Cases

Airbag defects in vehicles that collide with others may lead to severe injury or death. This may be due to the untimely deployment or the lack of the airbag coming out of the compartment. Other complications arise when the airbag is not created correctly, has materials that are harmful or substances that leak and various other concerns.

The concept of an airbag is to ensure that those in a car crash are protected from the forceful body collision with the internal structure within the automobile. Instead of hitting the windshield or dashboard, the body and head run into the safety of an airbag. However, defective products are usually serious concerns.

While defective products are in every aspect of almost all businesses, manufacturers and distributors, airbags usually function effectively with safeguarding the protection of the body of a driver or passenger. Unfortunately, it cannot be assumed that an airbag will always work, and some companies use materials that are inferior which could cause problems and lead to injuries. While most airbags function within parameters assigned to these devices, some malfunction and harm those within the vehicle. When injuries or death are the result,
both a lawyer and an expert witness are generally needed to increase the chances of obtaining compensation to asset in resolving the serious matter.

Safety and Controls

There are a number of persons that are harmed when safety is not adhered to and control over the situation is given up when there are issues with the materials or substances used that should be of a quality that keeps passengers and drivers safe. There are several recommended actions that keep those within the confines of the car safer when followed such as keeping the seat belt on at all times when the vehicle is in motion. When driving, the operator of the car should be no more than ten inches close to the steering wheel hub. If it is possible, the person in the area where an airbag will deploy should ensure it is aimed at the chest and not the head. All children taken on a trip should remain in child safety seats if they are under thirteen years of age. Booster seats and seat belts should keep smaller and younger youths restrained. This also usually means that the young persons must be seated in the back of the vehicle.

Most of the control possible when within the vehicle deals with keeping distractions at a minimum, keeping at a safe distance from other cars on the road and following signs and warnings. When there is road construction and other issues on the road, the driver should keep cautious and protect both those within the car and those outside from possible dangers. Unfortunately, if the airbag in the automobile is defective, it is possible it may deploy even if there are not collisions. This takes the control over the situation away from the driver and all passengers. If injury occurs, a lawyer should be contacted immediately after medical attention is sought.

Laws Governing Defective Airbags

When the driver or passenger is affected through extensive or life-altering injuries from defective airbags, there are several laws and regulations that may assist in these circumstances. Strict liability usually applies to these situations where an accident involved a defective airbag issue or if other products in the car were defective in addition to or without the issue of an airbag defect. Compensation claims increase in success when there is evidence provided in the claim that proves there was a dangerous defect that existed with the airbag and that this was what caused the injuries. Negligence does not need to be proven by the victims in strict liability claims.

When negligence is what must be proven, there are usually additional steps needed to prove to the judge or jury. These complications may be explained and hold the responsible party accountable through an expert witness’ testimony. His or her details are often enough through standard steps taken to walk through the incident and explain how certain materials and substances are harmful to drivers when an airbag is deployed. With this professional’s assistance, the chances of succeeding in a claim often increase exponentially.

The Expert Witness in Airbag Defect Cases

Someone that has been in the professional world of defective products, materials, substances and other concerns may become an expert witness and give testimony that stems from standard methods of detecting defects and determining that these issues are what caused the injuries.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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