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Criminal defense cases often need an expert witness to verify facts, reconstruct a crime, explain how certain injuries were caused by the actions of the perpetrator and similar concerns. There is even the need when someone commits financial crimes such as fraud or theft. Some experts are forensic accountants, fraud investigators and professionals that have extensive experience in tax fraud, money laundering, bribes or corruption in financial markets, instances of embezzlement and investment concerns.

There are often intricate processes that provide a way to follow those that have committed these criminal actions. This may require the need to sift through complicated data, bank accounts and records and entities that are not always named.

Understanding how all these procedures work, what to read in data sheets and who is involved in these matters permits an expert witness to show how the defendant is not actually part of the processes. There is often a trail to follow that points to certain persons or organizations. When someone has been accused of a crime, it is essential to determine if he or she has been setup. This is easily possible by someone that understands the intricate and complex web of internet information, computer processes and networked connections. If the person that committed the crime is versed in electronic devices and data, he or
she may ensure someone else has been targeted as the fall person.

Checking the Numbers

There are many professionals in the information technology field that are needed due to difficult and long cases where financial information is involved. This often means the expert must check numbers, analyze local, state and federal government documents, check evidence and examine databases or spreadsheets of statistical information. The correct figures and proof of the crimes should be determined before moving forward in the case. This could mean exonerating the defendant in the process, but there are often multiple aspects to consider when dealing with these details. With the assistance of an expert witness, the lawyer, judge and jury are all able to understand what is usually too complicated to comprehend in these processes.

When facing criminal charges and possible imprisonment, reinforcing a defense is often daunting. There are numbers alleged by the prosecution or governmental entities about the crimes and it is vital that evidence is found in support of the defensive party. While it may be possible the defendant is guilty of something, he or she may not have committed the acts that were explained by the prosecuting lawyer. Due to the relevance of the case, it is essential that these charges are cleared when the numbers are inaccurate or point to someone else having been involved or the primary individual. Because financial data is so complex, an expert is needed to clear the confusion, explain how the opposing counsel is wrong in determining the defending client as guilty and correcting the problem observed.

Big Picture and Small Details

When someone is accused of committing a crime such as fraud, the magnitude of what may have been stolen or sold is usually misunderstood by the judge or jury. An expert witness is needed to explain how the consequences were caused by someone that had access to only certain computers, software or databases with the financial information. This may show the defendant could not have been involved. However, looking closer at the small details, it may be possible to clear the alleged perpetrator only through sifting and analyzing massive amounts of data and statistics. When only looking at the big picture, it often appears as if certain persons are guilty. However, the hard evidence is usually available for those that know where to look.

The Need for Experts in Financial Cases

The life of the defendant is on the line when placed in a criminal court case. With the use of a lawyer to please his or her claim and fight for his or her rights, he or she stands a better chance of success. However, in financial cases, it is the expert witnesses that are the most useful in explaining what is vague, unclear and difficult to discern by the judge or jury. Providing a good product of work through analyzing, examining and understanding the data and numbers, an expert witness may show how the defending party is not guilty of the actions that took place. This makes his or her need to be hired that must more important. He or she may present the most accurate information and assist in finding the true culprit that committed the crimes.

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