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Expert Witnesses Testify about Gastric Balloons

Injuries due to gastric balloons are still being researched due to this newer alternative for weight loss, and because it is still a surgery, internal damage is still likely outcome. When an individual is seeking compensation for incidents with gastric surgery, he or she may require the services of an expert witness that has performed these surgeries or understands the medical procedure.

Expert witnesses are hired specifically for certain cases due to their experience and knowledge. For gastric balloon surgery, these professionals are usually doctors, medical staff or have performed the surgery prior to expert witness testimony in a courtroom. This gives these persons a unique disposition within the claim for a victim of injury. They are able to explain in detail how certain injuries are sustained, what leads to the damage and if medical negligence or misconduct was behind the wounds received. For those that do not understand these types of procedures, they have the charisma to describe the methods and processes used to the average person.

Gastric balloon procedures are surgeries performed to assist many different individuals lose weight. While the technique is relatively new since 2016, it is an alternative from previous processes. It
is similar to lap band and stapling in reducing the amount of stomach available by introducing a silicon balloon. This then limits the intake of food by the patient. The balloon is temporary and is not intended to alter the functioning of the digestive tract permanently. However, any surgery has a risk of damage, and infection or further complications may arise after the procedure has been completed. This is how a claim is started, and an expert is hired to assist with the case.

Effects of Surgery

A surgical undertaking is severely stressful to the body, and if the person required to undergo the knife to his or her flesh is wary, this situation could affect his or her mind. It is important to have a good outlook as the presence of confidence helps the body accept the procedure. When someone has gastric surgical processes performed, he or she is generally expecting a change to his or her life that may lead to a larger loss in weight. However, the expectations often exceed the results. The effect of surgery on the body could cause great harm if the patient is not completely prepared for all eventualities and issues that could transpire such as infection.

The Surgery and Effects

The three phases of gastric balloon procedures could be even more stressful if the patient has not fully understood what the process entails. The insertion is the first and most simple where the balloon is placed within the body. The next stage is often the most difficult for patients in how they must modify their behavior and how they eat. This often takes the most time and adjustment due to eating only what is good for the body and what is needed due to the smaller amount of stomach available. It is much easier to experience vitamin deficiency. Then, after everything has been achieved, or the patient has completed the time and steps necessary, the balloon is removed and there is a follow-up.

Testimony and Experience

When an expert has been acquired for a case, he or she has knowledge or experience in the subject matter. This could involve education through a university, field expertise through working in the industry or practical application such as being part of the career or job. For medical matters, these professionals are usually staff or residents at a healthcare facility. This gives them direct involvement and personal attention to victims, patients and others that have experienced these injuries and wounds. Confidence through testimony is achieved by knowing the industry better than almost any other professional. The weight of the words for an expert witness has more strength than a witness from another field of study.

The testimony that is presented by an expert witness for gastric balloons could entail the injuries that occur when the balloon bursts, with the surgery complications, infection or issues with the body accepting a foreign substance or material within. The injuries and scars sustained during the procedures and afterward could involve graphic descriptions that may horrify the judge or jury. However, these are necessary to explain why compensation is needed and how serious the wounds are when the procedure is performed incorrectly or if negligence was part of the surgery. Additional costly treatment is generally needed, and compensation helps the patient recover.

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