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Expert Witnesses Testify Against Cyber Thieves on Online Banking Systems

Cyber terrorism and attacks on entities or a single person may lead to devastating consequences for the individual or company, and this is reason enough to sue the perpetrator for compensation. When the target is an online presence such as a banking system, an expert may need to explain how the attack happened and what to do to resolve the matter.

Cyber thieves are a serious concern for online systems. When a person uses software to gain access to the website or within the banking software or systems, he or she may have enough access to transfer funds, alter details and steal personal identifiable information of bank customers. The bank affected may need to notify the customers attached or with accounts to ensure they are aware of the problem. Additionally, if the bank does not implement sufficient protections to prevent such activity, the institution may also be at least partially at fault. Anyone grievously harmed in the process may seek a legal claim against the bank.

What is a Cyber Thief?

When a person has enough knowledge or electronic power, he or she may attempt to hack into online systems. It is when he or she uses this power or understanding of networks and the internet in a harmful
way that he or she becomes a problem. By stealing assets or information, he or she then becomes a cyber thief. Often, these individuals cause enough harm that the financial institution faces serious consequences that could lead to economic ruin. Customers may sustain harm through identity theft, loss of banking account funds and personal complications from the incident. Many cyber thieves are online terrorists that take part in multiple crimes and injuries to others.

Banking Systems and Vulnerability

Online presence for many banks includes accounts that access the financial and personal details of each customer. When each person banking with the financial institution has the ability to check his or her account online, it is possible there are vulnerable gaps in security. A person with the knowledge or skill to break into the website may then steal or copy these details. In some instances, the hacker could change the password or security challenge questions so that the customer is unable to access his or her account in the future. With an awareness of how banking systems work, the individual cyber terrorist may corrupt the entire site when introducing viruses or similar problems.

If the company has not taken part in investing in cyber security, firewalls or additional measures to protect customers from hackers, it is possible that the bank may face future litigation from customers after an attack. It is important when housing customer details and financial information to ensure that protective measures are in place to reasonably deter or prevent such problems from occurring. While not every eventuality is possible to account for, the institution needs to ensure that certain protocols are in place to safeguard the customer details and profiles. It is often important to hire a professional to assist with these matters further.

The Expert Witness in Cyber Thieves’ Activity

Once the matter is clearly attached to possible cyber terrorism and illegal online activity, the lawyer for the plaintiff may hire an expert witness to assist with the matter. The expert witness that testifies for these claims usually has an extensive or well-educated background in electronics, internet and networking concerns. He or she will have some idea how the perpetrator caused the problem with the online banking system and may know how to recreate it. With his or her testimony, the courtroom may become fully aware of why compensation is necessary for the client or financial institution affected. This usually involves a large sum to resolve the matter.

The expert witness will usually need to explain the online theft thoroughly and in detail to remove confusion about the incident. This could require visual aids through a computer or explaining how the funds or information moved from the online banking system to another location. By unraveling the mystery of the event, the expert witness may ensure the judge or jury has sufficient information to deliberate appropriately. The professional may need to connect the actions to the defendant specifically and explain how he or she is responsible for the theft of data or funds from the online banking system. The expert’s testimony is usually filled with more than enough information that the courtroom may understand what occurred and how through the actions of the defendant.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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