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Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) Ensures that Railroad Workers are Protected when Injured on the Job

The law firm of Gordon & Elias, LLP and lawyers have championed the causes of injured railroad employees that have been injured on the job, denied retirement benefits or refused disability benefits since 1995.

Houston, TX – The dangers railroad workers face are as numerous as the tracks that lay across the American landscape. For years the rights of hard working railroad employees who diligently tended to the needs of the iron horse were too often squashed like pennies on the rail. It wasn’t until 1908 when the Federal government finally stepped in and legislated protection for the railroad industry with the FELA. But the law only works for those that can defend themselves in court which makes the importance of having a competent FELA Law Firm on your side paramount to receiving justice.

When a railroad employee is injured on the job any recoverable compensation will come under the provisions of the Federal Employer’s Liability Act; however getting a judgment in favor of the claimant rides solely on the shoulders’ of the FELA attorney and how well that FELA lawyer understands civil law and the FELA. The railroad companies employ huge legal firms with hundreds of high priced attorneys whose single focus is to prevent any kind of settlement or economic recovery against their employer. With millions of dollars at their disposal and time on their side, the chances of a fair and equitable decision rendered for the plaintiff is slim to none unless an experienced and competent FELA attorney handles the case.

The offices of Gordon & Elias, LLP has been successfully practicing FELA law for a combined total of over 39 years. Fighting aggressively on behalf of their clients in the pursuit of deserved compensation, Gordon & Elias bring the full force of their resources, dedication and passion for the rights of railroad workers that have been unjustly treated and denied benefits and fair remuneration for injuries while on the job to keep America moving.

As part of their concern for their clients, all FELA claims are handled by an attorney, not just by a paralegal or an associate. The firm also will provide a personal cell phone number for the attorney assigned to the case to ensure open and direct communication at all times. Gordon and & Elias is proud of their track record of be able to secure millions of dollars in settlements from the big corporations as well as the large insurance companies.

For more information and a free consultation contact Gordon & Elias, LLP Toll Free at 800-773-6770 or click on their site at and fill out their easy case submission form. Finally, please feel free to enroll in their upcoming Blog to receive their monthly eNewsletter, RSS Feeds, and Podcasts, as well as asking questions to a real FELA Lawyer either publicly or confidentially all for free!

About Us:

At the law offices of Gordon & Elias, L.L.P., we represent railroad workers across the United States who have been injured during the course of their employment. We have a thorough understanding of FELA; the FELA claims process; and the damages that railroad employees are entitled to under the act.

Gordon & Elias, L.L.P., was formed in 2000. Attorneys Steve Gordon and R. Todd Elias bring over 39 of combined experience to the representation of injured railroad workers. The firm also represents injured seaman under the Jones Act, Maritime and Admiralty Law. The firm has the experience and resources to pursue recovery from large corporate defendants, as well as big insurance companies.

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AUTHOR: Attorneys Steve Gordon and R. Todd Elias - FELA Lawyers

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