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Forensic Computer Expert Witness Discuss Unintended Airbag Deployment

When during a crash an airbag deploys, this is normal, but when the driver has no incident or anything even remotely resembling a problem that the airbag goes off, this is a large issue. The forensic computer expert may have more details and could remove confusion in these matters for the court so that the victim may face a greater chance of successfully arguing his or her case.

Defective materials and products are common among consumer purchases. However, items such as airbags have an added risk that involves the safety of those within the car. When the airbag deploys unintentionally, this could lead to an accident, cause injury or lead to the death of anyone or everyone in the vehicle. Additionally, this incident could harm others as well. Extensive property damage could also increase the costs of recovering from the defective item. This may lead to the need for hiring a forensic computer expert to explain how the computer system in the car led to the complication.

Car Computer Systems

When a vehicle manufacturer completes a vehicle in the electronic age, there are computer systems places within it to ensure certain product perform to the best ability available. This includes the brakes, airbags, electronic sound and internal
engine parts. While the entire vehicle may not rely on these systems, some areas of the car need the computer system working to ensure that other parts behave as intended. So, when an airbag deploys when there is no accident or brute force, the necessary protection causes a problem instead. An expert witness may need to explain and stress to the courtroom why it happened and how it affects everyone involved in the incident.

Malfunction in Computer Systems

The forensic computer expert may need to analyze the computer systems when a malfunction occurs. Generally, these complications are no fault of the driver. By fully assessing the damage, it is possible to determine who is liable for these incidents. Sometimes, this may require the expert to communicate with other professionals to determine who owns what software and how it is built. This may clear up the issue with which party is liable. This is important, so the damages owed to the victim are fully calculated from the responsible individual or entity. Connecting the collision with the defendant may provide the
judge or jury enough information to deliberate fully.

Computer systems are rarely responsible for malfunctions that lead to unintended airbag deployment. This is one of the primary reasons an expert witness is necessary. A forensic professional may recreate the incident to determine what exactly happened. Along with witness statements and the information provided by the plaintiff, it becomes clear that the incident involved a computer glitch or malfunction. By demonstrating this through visual aids, the courtroom may better understand why there is no fault connected to the plaintiff. His or her actions on the road or in traffic did not cause the problem to occur.

Presenting Testimony

The expert witness tasked with understanding why the airbag deployed improperly will present his or her findings and testimony to the courtroom. This will include details of the claim, the incident with explained evidence and a conclusion. This ending will have the opinion of the forensic computer expert witness in regard to the airbag system. Often, this will connect the defendant to the fault of the incident caused by the airbag deployment. Any property damage or physical injuries will need compensation from the defendant for recovery. The expert often explains why this is necessary and how it makes the victim whole.

The Forensic Computer Expert in the Courtroom

With confidence in the details, and an understanding of the computer systems and how they connect to the airbag, the forensic computer expert will express his or her opinions of the incident. He or she will usually unravel any mysteries and clear up confusion. He or she will talk to the judge or jury and provide any visual aids to help in understanding everything with more clarity. He or she usually has a calm and charming demeanor with all relevant knowledge of the subject matter. Through his or her testimony, the courtroom is usually fully informed of what occurred and how best to deliberate.

When the lawyer and expert have a strong working relationship, they are able to play off each other. They may also share knowledge and get to the conclusion of the case with less difficulty to better help the client.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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