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Forensic Expert Witness Discusses Bike Helmet Safety

Though bicycle accidents where the rider sustains serious harm occurs often in bigger cities, even in the urban, suburban and smaller areas the biker could suffer brain damage without the use of a helmet. It is the forensic expert hired for cases with confusion or need for examination that lead to further understanding of these issues.

Bicycle helmet safety is clearly defined by experts as a necessary to precaution to defend those riding from damage to the head and brain. Severe injuries occur when the rider falls, crashes or something hits him or her. When the individual is thrown from the bike, he or she could land on his or her head. These incidents could end in cracked skulls, brain damage and internal wounds that bleed internally or cause other complications. Involving the forensic expert witness is important to discover the location of vehicles, impact spots, various positions and times of incidents and the speeds of all involved in the accident.

Discussions of Helmet Safety Explained

When an expert needs to become involved in a case where a person suffers harm through an incident when riding a bicycle, there are often pieces of evidence that need discovery or explaining. The expert may have tasks to unravel and individuals to connect to the scene. If the perpetrator of the incident fled the area, the expert’s job becomes more difficult. He or she may need to reconstruct the accident and determine who is actually responsible. The point of impact and the position of the bicycle may provide more information on how the injuries occurred. The expert may need to discuss these matters thoroughly with the lawyer and client who sustained injury.

The Accident Reconstruction

Many experts that analyze accidents reconstruct the incident from the beginning until the entire situation becomes clear. Through evidence and witness statements, the professional has the capability to recreate what happened. By scientific and engineering standards of knowledge and experience, these individuals may determine what caused the incident and how any loss of control lead to the injury. This is possible through bicycle crash reconstruction. Often, these cases involve another vehicle or biker that collides with the victim. The absence or use of a helmet may increase or decrease injuries based on the specific factors of the unique claim.

The location of vehicle impact and where the victim falls once he or she crashes into another will help in determining how the scene helped or hurt the person’s body and head afterwards. If the collision involves concrete floors with the biker landing on his or her head or another part of his or her body, the injuries are often worse. However, if he or she landed on sand or soft grass, this may mitigate any physical damage. This is important when determining how much compensation is necessary. Additionally, through reconstructing the incident, the expert may connect liability to the defendant’s actions. Sharing fault may occur if the victim was not wearing a helmet, however.

The Forensic Expert and the Courtroom

Once the details of the incident are clear, the expert has more information to present to the courtroom. By discussing the matters relevant to the accident, the professional is able to demonstrate to the judge or jury how the need for bicycle helmet safety could save the life of someone in an incident while riding a bike. The safety tips usually include a focus on the trip, avoiding areas of high density traffic, keeping away from obstacles and wearing the helmet even for short trips. Any time the rider may suffer injury through a collision with a vehicle or other obstacle, he or she could sustain severe brain damage. Similar
areas of the neck and back could result in trauma of the spine and head.

The expert witness will need to explain these aspects. By discussing the matter, the courtroom is more aware of why a helmet may prevent various injuries. However, even with a helmet on to provide additional safety, a collision with a vehicle could still severely hurt or even kill a person on a bicycle. It is in these events that litigation becomes necessary for compensation so the victim may recover from the damage. When the forensic expert deconstructs the incident fully, his or her testimony and safety tips provide the judge or jury with enough information to deliberate fully on whether the plaintiff will succeed in his or her case for compensation against the defendant who may have caused the injuries.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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