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Forensic Expert Witness Discusses Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is often one of the worst types of issues that causes wrecks on the roads and during traffic, and these issues end in injuries and death. An expert in these matters is able to discuss how distracted driving occurs and how to prevent the dangers that happens from those that drive while distracted.

There are many forms of distracted driving, and some of them are health-related. When the issue causes a traffic violation or an accident, an expert is often part of the proceedings to unravel any confusion or to connect liability to the correct party. If the individual with the distraction caused the offense or incident, he or she will need to defend against this in front of a court and judge. However, it is the victim of these complications that suffers from injuries and requires compensation to recover. When hiring a forensic expert witness to assist with the case, the client and lawyer may need to connect the defendant to the scene and reason for the incident.

Types of Distracted Driving

While the driver may have a responsibility to ensure no one else is hurt during his or her travels, distractions occur with great frequency depending on the cause.
Cellphones and other noises may take attention away from the road. Road construction often causes issues for numerous drivers attempting to get out of the zones quickly. Weather generally is a distraction for everyone, and the more severe it is, the greater chances a wreck will happen. Health conditions could become the foundation for an incident when they affect the ability and cognitive skills of the driver. Even passengers could distract the person behind the wheel.

The inside of the car or truck is usually the localized area where the distractions occur for a driver. These are mostly found in phones and other individuals talking. If the conversation is too engaging, the person behind the wheel may take his or her attention away from the road or traffic long enough to cause or enter into a collision. However, cellphone use or attempts to not check messages or phone calls are another significant problem for drivers. Many are talking or texting while driving. While many states create laws to ban texting while driving, there are enough individual that still engage in this behavior.

Health Conditions in Distracted Driving

Another concern with distracted driving comes form those that suffer from health conditions. This could range from insomnia that forces the driver into a calm and peaceful state that continues to drowsy driving to others that have heart conditions that could lead to the wreck through an episode. Those with severe visual impairments may not see various signs or warnings on the road. Others could have a deficiency in hearing what occurs in traffic. If the driver has motor skill problems, he or she may not have the ability to turn quickly to avoid obstacles or other drivers.

While cellphones are often the prevailing concern with drivers in the age of electronics, there are issues such as consumption of drugs and alcohol. Though these problems may not be the distraction, they lead to distraction through impairing the senses. When the person behind the wheel is unable to react appropriately, his or her motor and cognitive skills are not as capable of keeping the driver in the right lane or away from obstacles. The forensic expert may need to discuss these matters with the courtroom as well so the judge or jury is aware of how drugs and alcohol cause distractions to drivers.

Forensic Expert Witnesses in Distracted Driving and Testimony

For each specific case, the forensic expert may need to recreate the incident to fully understand what caused the collision. Which distraction is important for these claims. The plaintiff is usually the victim of the crash with injuries that require compensation to recover. By pinning down the cause and specific distraction, the expert may testify about how the defendant was at fault in the accident. Witness statements of others at the scene or in the vehicle may provide more details to accomplish this feat.

The testimony provided in court usually has greater weight with the expert than any other witnesses. This is due to the experience and confidence a professional may exude in the courtroom. He or she usually has an educational background in these matters with experience in the field. By knowing what causes the accident, he or she may discuss these issues assuredly.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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