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Gender Studies Expert Witness on Sexual Assault and Discrimination Cases

Sexual assault and sexual discrimination are rampant in the United States due to a lack of understanding of both genders and how these issues affect the targets. The attitudes and belief of what is considered assault and discrimination is severely confused, and this has led to even the most morally outstanding person confused about what these subjects mean.

Most victims of sexual assault are female, and over half of the perpetrators that are reported are white males over 30 years of age. Students and others that have been questioned about what is considered rape, sexual assault and similar crimes are confused about the truth behind these incidents. Most interviews and questionnaires contain answers that at least some of these students believe that sexual assault must contain violence and an attack. However, the act could involve violence, but it may only involve coercion when the other party does not consent. Even if the consent is not voiced, someone may still be assaulted.

Discrimination cases may be separate or involved with sexual assault claims when a person has discriminated the victim and caused some form of injury due to the behavior. These incidents arise when the other person, typically female,
has been passed over for a promotion, been the object of desire but has spurned the advances, is demoted for not accepting harassment and similar activity. Discrimination usually happens when the other party is harmed because of a particular characteristic such as being female, male, white, Hispanic or other traits inherent to the person. Expert witnesses are often necessary to show how these incidents exist when the behavior is not clear through usual actions.

The Gender Studies Expert

When sexual assault and discrimination are part of a civil suit, it is important to have an expert that has a relevance to the case, reliable methods for connecting evidence and a knowledge of what the claim involves. Someone that has earned a degree or certificates in gender studies is frequently the best person to hire for these incidents due to his or her understanding of human behavior based on the gender of the perpetrator and victim. For discrimination, these issues are better comprehended based on the job or career and the attitude of the company. When the boss or direct supervisor is a man, he may discriminate against female employees.

The gender studies expert may unravel confusing evidence or behavior. And when the perpetrator is a woman or man against someone that is gay or lesbian the incident becomes complicated. A professional in the field of studying gender specific crime, behavior and activity may connect the actions to the defendant when it is clearer that he or she took part in discrimination or was the attacker in sexual assault crimes. Working in tandem with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a lawyer, these cases may lead to success for compensation from the company or individual that committed the crimes when there is enough evidence.

Gender Studies for Sexual Assault and Discrimination

Both sexual assault and discrimination are understood better through the field of study in genders. While these are social constructs based on the sex of a person, they are applied in society with how a person should act, what he or she should wear and how to behave in all manner of situations. Sexual assault is usually about power and control, and either of these is lacking in the life of the attacker, he or she may lash out and harm another through forced, coerced or violent sexual situations. The expert understands these issues and is able to define them for the courtroom.

Discrimination is similar to sexual assault through gender understanding, but it may not be about power. Instead, these social interactions are generally about misunderstanding the opposing or same gender. If a man discriminates against a woman, he or she may feel or think that the man in the same job has a better chance of performing better. Or, he has determined that men should excel. Whichever is the case, his or her application in the circumstances is through society’s conforming standards that affect the situation.

The Gender Studies Expert

Through explaining behavior for the crime, it is less difficult to connect the perpetrator with the victim. This permits the expert to detail how the person affected is entitled to damages of a monetary amount based on the circumstances and what occurred in the incident. His or her testimony will inform the judge or jury that compensation is needed for recovery.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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