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How Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Help in a Personal Injury Case?

When a person collides with another, his or her testimony often is in direct opposition which causes complications in dealing with the victim and the defending party during litigation.

One series of events is the truth and one may only be partially true or entirely false. It is in these situations that an expert witness used to provide assistance in recreating the accident is used to assess who is responsible and which party’s insurance company is required to pay damages. In order to know how to utilize this person, it is important to understand what factors are considered in an automobile accident and what information is needed.

It is usually when extensive injury that necessitates expensive treatment is involved that it is necessary for determining who is at fault and if negligence played a part of the accident. The best influence in considering all the factors is the use of an expert witness for reconstructing the accident. Typically this person is best utilized when there are multiple parties involved and the details are either hazy
or conflicting. While more than one expert may be applied to the case with severe injuries, one may be enough if he or she may provide all essential analysis needed. For this person to be considered an expert, he or she must have either a background involving the logical, technical or a particular area of study that assists in an understanding for jury panel members or the judge to examine facts that are disputed.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

When personal injuries sustained are severe with cars, bikes, boats, trains, commercial trucks and similar vehicles, an expert witness in the specialized area of accident reconstruction is contacted. This professional utilizes various principles of engineering and other areas to recreate what happened during the accident that may corroborate or dispute what has been explained by either party involved. All evidence collected is used during these processes to fully reconstruct what transpired on the road. This could be weather conditions, traveling speeds, other drivers, distractions apparent with items in the car and even lighting in the area that may have affected the vehicle operators. Phone records, pictures and video are sifted through with precision to fully understand the situation. A timeline is formulated to explain the sequence of events.

When those involved recall the events that transpired, the details may be vague or unclear. This may include information such as speeds, distractions that may have occurred and what the other driver was doing at the time of the collision. For these specific issues, a human factors expert may be contacted for behavioral aspects that provide additional information the reconstruction expert may not have available. This human factors expert has a clearer picture of what may have been observed or performed by the at-fault driver and the victim driver. When added to the reconstruction expert witness, similar aspects such as weather and angles of vision may validate or clear up certain particulars that were not evident previously. These two experts working hand in hand provide a full and extensive explanation to the jury or judge so that claims may be successful or fail based on the findings.

Other Experts in Accident Cases

Unrelated matters may pertain to the claim that require additional or other expert witnesses. This could be someone that provides an outlook of what a recovering victim goes through after the accident and what treatment and procedures must be completed. The loss of income and ability to work are analyzed and explained to the jury panel or judge so results of the findings may validate the claim or refute it. Another expert in economic loss could be contacted to estimate or gauge how much financial loss is incurred due to these circumstances. This is usually applied to a loss of work while the victim is recovering from injuries.

Expert Witness in Accident Reconstruction

It is often necessary to communicate and hire an expert witness when injuries sustained are extensive and require a great deal of compensation for payment. These persons may increase lawyer fees, but they are a great tool to assist in reaching decisions for the jury or judge. Expert witnesses are usually recommended by the hired lawyer based on the case and specific factors involved. While numerous individuals may be contacted for these matters, one or two should be enough to reconstruct the accident efficiently so details are available that substantiate a claim. It is generally only through a legal representative that an expert witness may be contacted.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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