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How Expert Witnesses Can Help in Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation

Multi-jurisdictional lawsuits are difficult to defend against and are extremely complicated due to the numerous suits from more than a single jurisdiction. This means that the defending party must prevent conviction more than once, and he or she may need to contact additional legal representation or expert witnesses if the crimes issued are not similar.

The extra cost and time for these matters hits the individual hard, and it could lead to multiple convictions that add together to include additional expenses through fines. The aid of an expert witness may be the positive outcome for the case that is needed, but one that has various subjects in his or her repertoire is best.

Some multi-jurisdictional lawsuits are due to the different jurisdictions raising the same problem which means duplicate cases for the exact same problem and this could lead to different verdicts. Because of these complications, there are certain strategies that should be employed for these different types of litigation affecting individuals. This could mean attempting to have a short trial or a motion to dismiss. Certain types of discovery could help in these cases as well. However, it is important to obtain the same judgment no
matter which jurisdiction the defending party is in and what location of the country.

Special Treatment

While it may be beneficial to take each case with a different approach, special treatment is often needed for these complex issues. This may then mean that the same type of defense is used continuously and consistently throughout each jurisdiction. A common approach so that facts of the case, documentation for each issue and all necessary evidence are available and easily reached. Once the defensive strategy has been employed successfully, it may be utilized repeatedly so that no matter which jurisdiction the defending party is found in, it is possible to overcome the obstacles with success. It takes efficiency and consistency to create a valuable defense against multi-jurisdictional charges and issues.

The special treatment for multiple jurisdictions may also cause the need for local legal representation. Or, the defendant may require someone that has experience throughout the country. Knowledge of the judge and local manners and trends may be necessary. However, a local expert witness may provide these types of assistance. A better experience may be found when the lawyer hired is able to create a working relationship with the opposing lawyer. To become aware of local customs and how certain aspects are more important based on the jurisdiction, a professional may be needed in each area.

Possible Strategies for Defense

It is often possible to succeed in multi-jurisdictional issues when it is possible to diagnose the problem early. This means determining if there are any potential merits to the claim against the defendant. The facts and details of the case along with what is explained should be fully understood, and it is important to know how this information affects the alleged perpetrator. It should be considered how to best and most easily resolve claims against the person. Any costs associated with legal representation may take precedence over the litigation or other claims the person may be facing. If it is possible to settle for all issues throughout the country in one negotiation, this may be most beneficial to the person. If there is another manner of resolving the matter, it may be better to seek these alternatives such as mediation or arbitration. If it is possible to combine all the suits or claims into one, this could permit the defendant in avoiding other complications such as legal representation costs and other expenses. When these issues have been handled, it may be possible to build a defensive strategy.

One strategy that could be employed is dismissing the charges if the claims are not legally sufficient against the individual. It could also be possible to combine the claims into one jurisdiction so any penalties the person may face are fully understood. Other factors should be clear before proceeding. The advice and guidance of an expert witness is often a crucial element in success in these problems of multi-jurisdiction. If there are multiple suits, one or more experts could be used to assist with either dismissing the case through a variety of factors or explaining how evidence does not connect the individual to the incident or crime. The professional hired may also give testimony about certain aspects of the case that do not match the defendant. The expert witness may also have other strategies that could be employed.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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