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How to Get Speaking Engagements: Tips for Attorneys

You know the conferences where the movers and shakers in your industry meet to stay abreast of current events in the legal industry. Getting a seat on the podium will strengthen your position as a leading attorney in your field. It is never too early to start your quest for speaking engagements. Major annual events book their speakers a minimum of 6 to 12 months in advance. The sooner you get named as a speaker, the more publicity you will generate through advance promotion.

If you are an attorney or legal marketer, there are several ways to find out about career-enhancing speaking engagements. Is there a call for papers? Or maybe there is a more informal process administered by a Program Committee or a Program Chair. Do you know anyone on this committee? If not, find out if one of your business associates or clients can create an introduction.

Here are three ways you can promote a newsworthy topic to your conference planner:

1. Develop a solid idea for a panel discussion, complete with suggested names of other panel members. One of your clients might be interested in giving a case study, for example. A friendly and complementary service provider (like an accountant) could explore the financial impact of your topic. A recognized government official might welcome the chance to talk about compliance requirements.

2. Write and publish at least one in-depth article in a respected industry or legal journal prior to the conference. Offer to speak about this topic in more detail and make copies available for handout.

3. Offer to moderate a session. You could develop a pro and con format, asking the panelists a series of thought-provoking questions designed to create a lively debate.

Once you have the coveted speaking invitation, promptly provide all your promotional materials (biography and recent photo) to maximize your visibility. Announce future speaking engagements on your law firm's web site as well as your individual attorney bio page and, as the date approaches, consider issuing a press release announcing the event.

As a helpful hint, use your past speaking engagements as a stepping stone for future events. Try to get attendee testimonials you can use to reinforce the benefits of your presentations. You may want to check with your state's bar association about the use of testimonials, but you can also use privately testimonials as a way to get more speaking engagements.

By Legal Expert Connections, Inc.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Margaret Grisdela
Margaret Grisdela is a legal marketing consultant and the Author of "Courting Your Clients: The Essential Guide to Legal Marketing." She is also the President of Legal Expert Connections, a firm specializing in marketing and business development for attorneys, lawyers, and experts.

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