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Hurricane Expert Witnesses Provide Testimony in Court

Inclement weather is often difficult to survive, and the more severe it is, the more complicated its issues are to resolve. Many that are not affected by hurricanes, tornados and floods do not understand how assistance and compensation are needed when insurance and other help are not received when they are needed the most.

When a case arises where financial, economic or other types of injury occur, the victim may feel it necessary to hire a lawyer. Per the experience of the legal representative, an expert witness’ help may increase the chances of success by providing testimony in the courtroom.

The amount of help needed for these situations often depends on the severity of the claim and the strength of the argument put into the case. Many expert witnesses use standard methods to determine what happened during an incident, but for those harmed during a hurricane, the resulting damage is often seen about the town or city the victim lived in. Many professionals used as expert witnesses have been through similar experiences or have been in the field when a hurricane was either nearby or in their location. This provides a unique perspective that the judge or jury panel members are not aware of and cannot imagine.

Hurricane Weather Expert’s Background

Weather and meteorology experts usually have a background that may include predicting weather patterns, understanding climate alterations and how these affect individuals and entire towns. This could include air dispersion, visibility of air and wind, astronomical light and similar matters. Reports created and given to the lawyer may concern climate, flooding, fog banks, forecasts of weather based on standard evidence and various other phenomena. The numerous symptoms that a hurricane is imminent are usually detailed by the weather experts in an area long before it is set to devastate the land. This usually means that an evacuation has been issued and there is enough time to get out before the storm hits.

The background of a weather expert may include extensive math courses or even a degree in statistics as these are used heavily in projections and applying mathematical data to a situation. Pattern recognition is often of assistance in determining if certain symptoms or patterns observed in winds, rain or other weather may affect the location to the point a hurricane occurs. Some experts have the knowledge or have studied animal behavior. This would provide a basis for determining if a storm front may be coming in due to erratic or changes in behavior. In many cases of a large or severe storm, animals divert away from the area. For birds, this could mean an altered course of flight.

Human Behavior and Damages

Some experts are hired due to knowledge in human behavior in these situations. It is important to understand how someone in an area where a hurricane may occur would react. If he or she is unwilling to leave the area, this may be indicated by his or her previous actions. If he or she was not aware of any evacuation, this could be predicted by impairments to senses or an impairment to judgment. Similar to these concerns, an expert may have knowledge in how the storms damage areas, persons and objects. Few persons are aware of just how severe a hurricane may be when applied to a town. There are many problems these storms cause that may not be understood until the professional explains these issues. This could include human injury, damage to buildings, property destruction and extensive flooding that destroys home and other objects.

The Expert Witness in the Court Room

Many experts are hired because of their knowledge and practical experience in a subject. Others have the charisma and charm needed to explain how these matters affect an individual or a group. In some situations, the professional has personal experience, and this may clarify the concern greatly for a judge or jury that resides over the case. Testimony in the courtroom from an expert witness usually involves standard methods or scientific processes in coming to a conclusion. So that his or her opinion is not challenged, these methods and procedures usually are already tested and used by the scientific community. For a weather expert, this would be using meteorology as it was intended. A sociologist would explain human behavior and patterns of activity.

Working with a lawyer, it is possible to explain and detail how a hurricane affects both individuals and groups so that a resolution to the matter is sought successfully.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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