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Importance of Using a Medical Oncology and Hematology Expert Witness

When someone has contracted cancer or has a blood disorder, he or she may be victim of a medical malpractice claim. This usually means that an expert in these matters needs to be hired to assist with evidence, medical procedures, processes and treatment as well as to assist in understanding how the injuries or further healthcare issues may have occurred.

A medical oncologist expert witness is someone that has a keen understanding of tumors. This generally translates into someone that has studied the intricacies of various types of cancers. This individual usually has several years to decades of practical experience and research about cancerous growth cells and even benign tumors that grow in the body. Many medical malpractice suits with cancer occur due to misdiagnosis or the wrong treatment based on where the malignant cells have started. Other claims arise due to the damage caused by equipment and tools. Some leave behind scars and could harm the body more than using other procedures.

A hematology expert witness is needed when the patient involve in a claim has a blood disorder. These matters are complicated with many different types of treatment necessary based on what exactly the blood issue is and
how it affects the body. If the concern is hereditary, this could be another issue entirely that may include members of the family. Treatment for these matters may be needed continually. If medical malpractice arises through blood disorder issues, it is imperative an expert witness is hired for the claim. These complicated situations need someone experienced in this narrow medical field with experience in the procedures and the diseases.

Cancer and Blood Disorders Explained

The need for an expert witness usually stems from certain factors that caused injury, further medical procedures, economic damages or death. When cancer is the main issue, it is crucial to discover the concern immediately so treatment may be sought and there is a higher chance of living through it. There may be some time available, but misdiagnosis with a medical professional that is inexperienced or not educated enough on malignant tumors may be the reason the patient will not survive cancer cells. An expert witness may need to explain this to the judge or jury. He or she may also explain the procedure, treatment and potential complications that may arise through cancer issues.

Blood disorders may not have the same time table as cancer, but if they are tied together, every day counts. Any misdiagnosis or missed symptom could lead to devastation to the patient. This may then cause certain guaranteed treatments to be useless due to time constraints. Some blood diseases and disorders may be identified through genetic tests when the person is a child or when other circumstances arise. If the patient is subjected to medical malpractice, he or she may not survive surgery or invasive procedures. This could lead to lifelong medication and care due to the doctor not handling the situation correctly. The expert witness may need to explain the economic and financial impact of these conditions.

Malpractice and Negligence

When someone has been diagnosed incorrectly or the cancer spread due to the physician not finding it in time, there could be case possible. However, this depends on various factors and medical malpractice or negligence included in the issue. An expert witness that understands the medical world may be hired to help explain these matters to the courtroom. He or she may have observed details in the evidence that may suggest the doctor did not handle the condition appropriately. Other circumstances may show that the diagnosis was correct but standard guidelines and protocols were not adhered to as they should have been.
The standard of care that every patient is entitled to must have been violated in some manner for a claim to succeed. With the help of a lawyer and expert witness, it may be possible to discover a violation to this. However, when guidelines and policies are followed closely, the doctor may prove to have done everything he or she could. The treatment, diagnosis and processes are scrutinized carefully to reveal any issues with malpractice and negligence.

The Expert in Cancer and Blood Problems

General doctors without a specialist’s assistance may not find and treat cancer, blood or conditions affected by both correctly. This may lead to a claim through litigation in the courtroom. An expert witness should be hired to reveal if malpractice or negligence occurred and to attempt compensation from the incident.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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