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Injuries that Warrant a Car Accident Claim

Car accidents usually cause minor to severe injuries for those involved, and even when someone has only been mildly included in these incident, he or she may be harmed in the process. It is important to know when a claim is warranted, or when an insurance settlement provides enough to cover the medical costs.

If a suit is the best route, it is usually vital to obtain legal representation for filing the claim, ensuring all paperwork has been gathered and filled out, witnesses are questioned and all other processes have been completed. Without this legal professional, cases are often too complicated for individuals to endure.

In some instances, it is not worth going through the hassle a claim provides. The complex information necessary also means extra hours understanding what to do, where to go, who to contact and which stage demands more from the victims of these incidents. Before any of these processes are even started, medical treatment and operations are usually initiated after the injuries have occurred. This may also mean that medical insurance cannot cover everything required, or a large co-pay may lead to financial difficulty along with the loss of work. However, once these procedures have been completed, it is important to consider if a car accident claim is necessary and warranted.

Injuries to the Head and Spinal Cord

Many crashes lead to head injuries that may affect the brain or spinal cord that may be dangerous to the health of the victim. Internal bleeding and other damage may be unseen by those sustaining harm through these incidents. To ensure everything is uncovered, an x-ray, CAT scan or similar medical procedure may be necessary before anything further is started. While it is possible damage is only minor, it could be severe with traumatic injuries suffered to the brain that may include bruising or damaged areas. These concerns could be long-lasting or life-altering. Due to the nature of a brain injury, the victim could be looking at years of treatment with devastating costs. The emotional and economic hardships these situations have caused do provide extensive settlement in certain situations.

When negligence is part of a car crash, additional factors may be scrutinized. This could also include damage to the spine instead of or in addition to the brain. When an issue arises with this area of the body, it is possible the victim may be left paralyzed and unable to walk or use his or her four limbs for the rest of his or her life. Over one-third of collisions on the road result in these injuries involving the spinal cord. There may be only temporary loss of function in this area, but long-term effects may include the loss of the use of the bladder, temperature controls and numerous abilities the person once had.

Broken Bones and Whiplash

Various bones may be broken through a car crash by excessive force applied to certain areas. For the most severe instances of these injuries, surgery is required which requires more time in recovery. If too much time is taken for an operation, or specific bones are broken in particular ways, it is possible the person affected is permanently disabled due to the lack of healing. Other bones may set incorrectly which lead to long-lasting effects such as a limp or the need to use a cane. With the advancements in technology, the incidents where a person loses ability have become less and less. However, when the damage is too extensive, not even the miracle of medical science may make the person whole.

Whiplash is both common and an easy injury to sustain with the sudden force a car may exude during a collision. The neck undergoes a quick and powerful movement back and forth that harms the muscles in the neck and shoulders. This could cause headaches, migraines, lingering pain, stiffness and bunched muscles. Even low speeds may result in whiplash with no apparent harm. This may lead to a dispute with an insurance carrier.

The Struggle over a Car Crash Claim

Because some injuries may be more extensive than others, it is imperative to determine which situations warrant the use of a claim. When an insurance company disputes a settlement for injuries that may not be apparent, it may be necessary to hire a lawyer and open a claim for compensation. When medical insurance and car insurance are not enough to cover the various injuries that occurred with the accident, it may be necessary for legal representation to assist with the claim.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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