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Insurance Expert Witness in Violations of State Insurance Claims

When there are violations incurred with the state insurance claims either for the company or against it, these matters may require the services of an insurance expert witness to unravel the confusion and explain the necessary and relevant details. The expert hired for someone suing the company will need to review the matter carefully and determine how best to proceed with testimony.

What is a Violation in State Insurance Claims?

Often, the expert witness hired for these claims will need to discuss and explain what violation occurred and how it affects the insurance claim. One of these is the failure to pay even with policy provisions and requirements in place that should ensure the victim of an incident receives his or her monetary support from the carrier. The improper amount is given to the person, a clerical error occurs that either occurs voluntarily or through intentional misdirection of numbers or paperwork. Another is a failure to proceed through replacement of former requirements that may invalidate the claim when not followed.

One of the most severe violations that occurs where the expert will need to explain and break down the problem is that of a claim denial. The state insurance company may deny the claim invalidly
and then not contact the policyholder again. Usually, the individual will need a lawyer to even start communications with the carrier before anything else is heard from the company. However, with violations of these claims, the policyholder may have a reasonable and effective claim in civil court. Then, the expert witness may create a timeline of the original claim and how carrier shows bad faith.

Other Common Violations Needing an Expert

Proper notification, paperwork or those associated with these procedures are necessary for a state insurance claim. When the company or carrier fails to follow these methods, a violation generally occurs. The expert in insurance violations will need to explain what paperwork was part of the claim and how the carrier violated the terms of the policy or the claim because of intentional mishandling. Similar to a denial, this may occur through willful actions of the manager or owner of the carrier. Other violations happen because someone failed to properly perform his or her job.

Requests for Information

While the carrier should comply with requests for information, the longer the company is able to keep a claim going, the less likely it is that the victim of an incident will follow through or receive the compensation owed. If the request for information for the matter fails to reach the policyholder, the carrier may violate the insurance claim intentionally. Other agencies may request information as well and fail to receive it. The expert witness may need to clarify how this is a violation and why the data is necessary for the claim to progress.

The Insurance Expert Witness Explained

Professionals hired for cases and claims usually require time to gather evidence, test and understand results relevant to the subject matter. Once these experts have everything, they must come up with a way to present the matter through testimony. Some will use graphs and diagrams while others will use computer programs. For better clarity and visual appeal, many experts will use a combination to both describe the material and to show the judge or jury the issue at hand. Insurance violations for valid claims may require a background in the policy and how the carrier violated the coverage or settlement process.

Some experts have knowledge of claims handling, casualty claims and bad faith insurance companies. The bad faith companies are
usually those that will incur a violation that leads to litigation to ensure a settlement is even possible. Through the use of both a lawyer and an expert witness, the client has a higher chance of reaching the necessary compensation through a settlement. The professional hired for the claim will present his or her testimony along with evidence and show the courtroom how the violation occurred and how it affects the policyholder.

Violations to Insurance Claims Testimony

No matter if the claim is for auto, home or life insurance violations for insurance claims, the expert will need to provide testimony if he or she is part of the proceedings that demands testifying in the courtroom. He or she will need to clear up confusion and articulate the problem clearly to an average person with little experience in these violations. The professional will need to corroborate evidence and explain details.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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