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Keep Records of Your Horses Show Records

Expert Witness: The Equine Expert LLC
Show records provide proof that your horse can do what you say it can do, it can indicate proof of soundness, it can help you substantiate an increase in value for insurance purposes, and it can help you establish equity in your horse.

A very important aspect of creating and maintaining value on your show horse is to maintain very accurate show records. Not only is this proof that your horse can and has done what you say it can do when you are trying to sell him, it is a great tool to use when you are trying to increase insurance on your horse. It is important for other reasons as well, such as, establishing value on a horse that you are donating, or if you are trying to create equity or establish your horse as an asset.

Make sure you have the date of the show, name of the show, location, rating, name of classes entered and division, class
number, number of horses in each class, placing of your horse, name of rider and the amount of any winnings.

Most large equine organizations and registries keep up to date show records on their registered horses. The USEF maintains records on horses that are registered, but they keep records for only five years out. Many people do not realize this and are very disappointed when they cannot obtain records past five years. Check with the organization you are involved with and verify if they keep show records, the information they maintain and how far back do they keep the records.

I highly recommend that when you renew your membership each year, you print out a record of your horses show record for the year ending. It is also a good idea to review the records at this time and make sure points and earning have been applied accurately. Keep a hardcopy file of your records or download it onto your computer. This way you will have your horses show records as far back as you need them and easily obtainable.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bridget Brandon
ValueMyHorse is an expert witness services and consulting company specializing in equine valuations. Owner Bridget Brandon is a Senior Certified Equine Appraiser #03121 with the American Society of Equine Appraiser and is USPAP certified. She has 30 years in showing, selling and breeding Warmbloods in Hunter/Jumper, Eventing and Dressage. Bridget also holds her Property and Casualty Insurance license in Texas and brokers equine insurance and farm and ranch insurance.

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