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Through link building, on page optimizations, and content, you will find that your law firm's web presence will steadily generate more site visitors, potential client leads, and ultimately new business for your firm.

Link Building - For search engines, links are the currency of the web. A link to your site is like a vote for your site. However, it is an unequal democracy. A link from a site like is worth more than a link from a site that I setup today. You also want sites linking to you that are relevant to what your site is about. Getting another legal website to link to yours is much better than getting a site about flowers to link to your legal website. In the end, as you get more sites linking to you, your law firm website will start to get more authority and trust in the eyes of the search engines. When this happens, your site will get more visibility in searches.

On Page Optimization – It’s important for a search engine to be able to “understand” what your site is about. By integrating search terms or keywords into certain parts of your website, you can help the search engines get a better idea of what each page on your site is about. When you perform proper on page optimization in conjunction with link building, you will increase the visibility and traffic coming to your site. Here is a short video showing a few of the page elements you will use for proper on-page optimization:

Content – If you have properly executed the first two suggestions above, your site should have authority and trust in the eyes of the search engines because of the link building. In addition, the search engines will have a good understanding of what each of your website pages are about because of proper on-page optimization. The last suggestion for increasing visibility is adding fresh content to your site. As you add content to your site, you in essence will grow the footprint that your site has on the web. You will create additional outlets for people looking for your services to find you. We suggest adding 2-3 new articles or blog posts a week to your site. If you do this consistently you will see gains in your traffic, leads, and ideally new clients.

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