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If you operate a local law firm, there are some unique Internet marketing techniques with which you should be familiar. Since Google's Place Search update in October, getting found locally takes a combination of classic search engine optimization techniques combined local search marketing strategies.

Local law firms can enjoy a significant benefit from Google's recent Place Search update. However, in order to take advantage of increased local visibility, lawyers need to make some minor tweaks to their law firm Internet marketing campaigns.

First, as part of a law firm's search engine optimization campaign, law firm SEO professionals should focus on building quality inbound links that contain geographic modifiers. These terms may include specific cities, counties, states, or regions in which the law firm services clients. For example, a law firm that services injury victims in Chicago search increase inbound links that include the anchor text "Chicago injury lawyer". Acquiring quality links from relevant local sites that contain geographic modifiers will go a long way to increase your firm's search visibility for local search phrases.

Second, law firm SEO professionals should increase the number of uniform citations to the law firm across various business data provider platforms. I usually recommend that lawyers take a look at Localeze and Universal Business Listing. As part of our services, we will typically set our clients up in these data provider platforms at a significantly discounted rate.

Finally, legal professionals should encourage their clients to leave reviews of their experiences with the firm on various local review sites. These sites include Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local.

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Gyi Tsakalakis helps law firms increase their search visibility for local search phrases at AttorneySync.

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