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When an expert witness wants to become part of more cases, he or she may need to consider marketing his or her experience and background to grab the attention of more lawyers that need professionals as part of various cases. There are several strategies that the expert can put into effect to increase the likelihood of hire.

Creating the Market

No matter who or what is going through the marketing campaign, it is important to create the market or to enter into a pre-existing market properly. This requires understanding what lawyers are looking for, and how to effectively showcase the experience and background of the expert witness. This may demand looking online or hiring others to support the market with the professional. Anything the expert puts out to the relevant market should remain and always stay professional with conservative undertones to appeal to lawyers in the state.

Target Prospects

For expert witnesses or professionals in the expert witness industry, it is important to promote certain activities and focus on the background and experience of the professional. This may also require exploiting the knowledge and education of the professional to a specific subject or field of study so that lawyers are aware of what the expert witness is able to bring to the table. This method may also require narrowing focus because not all lawyers will need the services of this specific professional.

Branding the Expert

Similar to products, the expert can brand his or her image and skills in a variety of ways. The expert can use subliminal advertising through more subtle images or information or by using taglines and graphic images that are in the face of consumers. However, this professional should use the same image, details or logo on all materials with the public to ensure the brand sticks into the memory of the consumers. This is the identity of the expert witness and can help the public remember who he or she is based on what the advertisements in the marketing campaign say.

The Online Presence

While it is easier for marketing campaigns to use paper and documentation or images in the public, it is often better to utilize the internet for marketing the professional in other ways. The lawyer looking to hire an expert witness may look online first. However, with these interactions, the expert may need to ensure he or she is in a database of other experts and labels skills, credentials and other matters equally. Other online advertisements in the marketing campaign can include additional details that others may miss or something that will stand out to legal professionals that are seeking specific expert witnesses.

Advertisements with the Marketing of an Expert Witness

Generally, the expert witness does not use the standard advertisements that a business would. However, to market the professional to lawyers for hire in cases, the expert may need to make use of various avenues that the lawyer would consider. These generally exist in databases, legal sites and even papers such as the newspaper or magazines that advertise services to lawyers. The expert5 may use the advertisement as other professionals do by promoting services through experience and skills for use in a case. These adverts can also show a picture and give contact details for a lawyer to call or email.

Referrals are another great sources of marketing the expert to those prospective clients that want to hire the professional. By having another source explain the services, background and education of the expert, he or she can reach someone through word of mouth or by agencies that connect a lawyer to an expert witness for specific cases where the materials are what the lawyer and expert can work together on. Referrals can come from any source, and the expert can even provide legal professionals with information to refer him or her to another lawyer in the future.

Expert Marketing Plans

When the expert has a plan in place to market his or her services based on experience, background and education, he or she can reach the lawyers that are looking for something specific in the case. The expert may only have knowledge of a certain field of study such as biology to use testing methods on living cells. If the case involves the need to test blood or DNA, the expert may have use in the case. However, if the lawyer needs someone that can reconstruct an accident, a biology expert is the wrong person for the case, and he or she could not usually help unless the case required cell testing.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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