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Medical Laboratory Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Cases

Many cases have the need for a medical laboratory in issues with malpractice claims. This means that certain aspects need further testing, or there are factors in a medical malpractice suit that need clarification. This usually requires the assistance of a medical laboratory expert witness to explain these details and processes.

A lawyer hires one of these professionals so that the terms, elements and conditions may be explained further for both the plaintiff and the judge or jury in the court room. With the assistance of these experts, it may be clearer how the additional or continued injuries of the victim are due to the physician that treated him or her.

Medical malpractice usually arises through the negligent actions of a doctor or medical staff when treating someone that has already been injured. This may occur while operating, during treatment or when diagnosing the individual. When the person affected either is further harmed because his or her physician did not follow standard procedures or did not properly perform or the initial wounds were not resolved and continue to persist, medical malpractice occurs. It is usually necessary to obtain a lawyer, and to further assist
in the matter, a medical expert witness is needed. For any issues that go through or require the need of the laboratory in the hospital, a specialist expert is vital.

Why is a Medical Laboratory Needed?

There are many cases that require the use of a laboratory. This may include blood tests, alcohol content evaluations and DNA extrapolation or connections. To determine if someone is tied to a crime or the injury of another, a lab is usually used in some manner. Medical liability occurs when the doctor practicing medicine does not perform his or her duties with accuracy, honestly or with the recognized standard scientific and technical principles that are needed for patient care. Liability may be held against the healthcare facility instead of the physician when certain factors are present.

Doctors are performing standard procedure and duties when they utilize the laboratory for tests and certain processes. This means a technician may be hired as an expert witness that has the extensive knowledge and experience of how a lab is used and run. He or she may also know about what a doctor or patient goes through when put through exams and procedures. This gives the professional a unique perspective in how liability and responsibility for injuries may apply. It is possible to connect the injuries to certain actions completed by a healthcare expert.

Medical Malpractice Liability

There are certain procedures that a doctor must follow to keep liability from himself or herself and the healthcare facility. This means following rules, procedures and any regulations with the medical practice in his or her specialty. The conditions of the health of patients and personal and family history are necessary in producing a diagnosis. This assists in determining treatment. The medical pills or procedures must be initiated with clear communication with the patient for doses, side effects and similar concerns. These should be provided in writing. All forms must be given to the person injured or the family if he or she cannot keep them.

All details with the illness, injury and how these affect the patient are necessary in explanations. This is needed unless the person is not in a fit mental condition to hear the information. All complications must be monitored when they occur due to surgical or medical treatment. These also should be treated as quickly as possible. Other physicians cooperate to ensure a better experience and if a second opinion is needed it is provided. Any duty of a doctor to a patient is to ensure he or she is given the best possible care and skill as expected of qualified practitioners of medicine. This must include standards of the profession as well as any accepted scientific principles.

Medical Laboratory Expert Witnesses

Through extensive experience in a hospital setting, a medical laboratory expert witness is aware of when standard practices and duties are not performed. While the best ability of the doctor cannot be measured by the senses, it may be observed through his or her performance with tools, equipment and procedures. A professional that has been hired as a witness is able to relay how these complications affect the injured party so that the judge or jury understands why compensation is necessary. Utilizing the knowledge of a medical laboratory expert generally increases the possibility of a positive outcome in a claim.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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