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Medical Litigation Requires the Use of a Neurological Expert Witness

Various procedures depend on the expertise and knowledge of a medical expert witness when they go to trial such as incidents of medical malpractice and negligence. When working with the plaintiff, these professionals explain treatment, how an action caused further injury or if the negligence of a doctor led to the death of the patient.

Medical expert witnesses become part of a case when the treatment or injury need explanation. The processes, the negligence and any additional complications clarified by the expert provide more information for the judge or jury to deliberate upon.

Then, it is possible for the judgement to fit the data about the claim. With the testimony given by an expert witness, the litigation becomes clearer. The steps taken by medical staff are no longer confusing. Any standards violated during these procedures are obvious to those informed through the expert’s knowledge. His or her details may connect the defendant to the incident and show how he or she owes damages to the victim.

Neurological Expert Witness

When a doctor has specialized training with disorders and conditions in the brain, he or she has neurological expertise. These ailments may include
stroke, intense migraines, concussions of the head and other problems such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

These professionals are able to open the skull and check the brain or use tests to determine if the condition is treatable. When the doctor or other medical staff harms the patient, litigation may occur. It is vital for the claim to include a breach of duty that caused the incident or negligence on the part of the doctor. Otherwise, he or she may be free from medical malpractice.

The Use and Need of a Neurologist

For injuries to the head, a neurologist consult is often necessary. Experts hired for these claims generally have a background in head and brain trauma. The professional expertise may start at a hospital or private practice, but even those with field experience may branch out and start assisting with litigation. The use of these experts shows the judge or jury how important they are when the treatment for a head or brain injury is confusing and complicated. The procedures may involve surgery and expensive medication. Others may include specialists and trips to other countries. Then the bills pile up.

The need for a neurologist appears when blunt force, excessive force and similar injuries damage the brain to the point a doctor is necessary. The expert will often work closely with the lawyer and his or her team. This helps explain the medical processes and jargon. Additional benefits may include an awareness of what to look for in negligence or medical malpractice claims. When there are issues that appear, the professional may point these out to the lawyer. If a report is necessary, the expert may give the plaintiff legal team more information and a way to understand how to proceed with the case.

Injuries and Claims

The vast myriad of injuries that require the use of a neurological expert are due to trauma. Blunt force to the head and other forceful accidents may harm the brain and place pressure on certain points in and around the skull. Some trauma occurs at the base of the neck which could damage smaller parts of the brain. Some incidents may cause psychological problems when the pressure on the brain affects cognitive skills. Unfortunately, many of these injuries require the assistance of another to discover.

This may lead to a doctor’s visit or a friend or family member seeking help.
Claims arise when the medical treatment or diagnosis led to further incident. These issues may stem from additional injury, negligence in treatable problems, medication and other forms of malpractice. The duty of care owed to patients requires that doctors and medical staff perform their best to help those in the medical care facility. Some surgery or medication could lead to adverse reactions, and these may then take the person to a lawyer for a claim. When the lawyer determines that the problem is confusing or needs clarification, an expert witness’ hire occurs in usual circumstances.

Medical Litigation with Neurological Experts

The expert in the claims with neurological problems has medical knowledge and experience in these matters. He or she will explain to the judge or jury what the incident caused with the victim, how the treatment or care breached a duty and what amount of compensation may assist the patient to recover in the future.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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