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Medicare Fraud and Expert Witnesses

Fraud is a serious crime that often affect multiple persons simultaneously. When someone’s personal information has been stolen and used in this manner, he or she may find credit being used, bank accounts empty and numerous other concerns that may alter the life of the victim.

For a judge or jury panel that does not understand how someone affected by fraud would need compensation or a resolution to the problem, an expert witness is the best choice in assisting the claim. These persons have the capability of explaining the details of how personal information is stolen through various means and used online or with various entities to cause significant problems for the victim.

Medicare fraud may be worse than credit card fraud because those affected are usually on a fixed income. However, this type of crime may be committed by someone old enough or disabled that does require Medicare or an individual that is defrauding the Medicare system through benefits or monetary payouts. Some persons that perpetrate these crimes do so to obtain money from the insurance transactions. This may be accomplished through paperwork, online or through personal interviews and meetings. Someone committing fraud in this manner usually causes negative consequences for the elderly that need Medicare for medical assistance.

Medical and Fraud Expert Witnesses

Professionals with a background in medical care or administration may understand how paperwork and the allocation of the funds are distributed and work. This provides insight into how fraud affects individuals and entire groups of elderly may have less funding through programs such as Medicare. When someone is taking the monies away for those in desperate need of the insurance, medication or payouts, this means there are fewer funds available for the whole. This is usually managed through extensive paperwork through an agency or office with detailed records of where these monies go. The expert witness is able to explain this to the judge or jury when providing testimony.

For professionals hired for experience with fraud, they are able to explain the theft of information or data. The use and sale of these items may cause severe complications for the targeted person. This would affect his or her credit, access to certain programs and how he or she may obtain assistance. When an elderly person has been affected by fraud where his or her identity was stolen so that Medicare benefits are redistributed to another, he or she may not be able to resolve the matter without legal assistance. It is important that no personal information is given to a stranger, and when an issue does occur that the appropriate persons are contacted to seek a remedy.

Consulting Services

Medicare fraud is difficult to resolve if the culprit has not been caught. This means that the information that has been stolen by the criminal may be used repeatedly until all access has been denied. For a professional hired to assist with these cases, many may provide consulting services to assist in determining a remedy, how to fix the credit or name of the victim or similar circumstances. While the expert witness would still give testimony in the courtroom, he or she may be of help outside of this through his or her career or expertise. Working with law enforcement to track down the perpetrator may fall under consulting services as well, and this is in line with the incident. This means that there are no conflicts of interest unless they directly affect the case and claim for resolution of the matter.

Consulting may also extend to the medical treatment side of these situations. A new plan for healthcare related concerns may be broached which alters the Medicare insurance and benefits. The primary consulting services that are usually utilized in these events are opinions and testimony for preparations, courtroom support and scientific or technical understanding of malpractice, negligence issues and damages through fraud complications. This then is explained to the courtroom so that they understand what occurred and how it affects the victim. If an insurance company or other entity is involved in these cases, technical consulting may be another source of aid by expert witnesses.

The Medicare Fraud Expert Witness

There are evaluations of the expert witness that may be completed. It is possible that the professional hired was once or currently is a doctor or physician that may testify, discover or explain certain issues of the matter and how it affects the case. Liability may be explained and, the victim may be awarded compensation due to the injuries he or she has suffered through the fraud incident.

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