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Publishing your professional legal work online has significant benefits in terms of building your professional reputation. It is also a critical component to search engine marketing.

It seems like everywhere we look, someone is talking about online professional reputation building. And, as more and more consumers get access to the Internet, and use it for research, getting answers to their questions, and ultimately making purchasing decisions, business professionals are recognizing the value of investing time and money online. However, identifying what is the most effective usage of time and money, isn't always so easy to discern. The purpose of this article is to discuss the importance of publishing your legal knowledge online.

First, let's dispel one rumor up-front. Publishing your knowledge online will not cause you to lose clients. Well, I suppose that depends on the quality of your writing. However, many legal professionals worry that if they publish online, people that might have otherwise hired them, will decide that they don't
need a lawyer. And that is certainly a possibility. But, had you not published, they may not have found you anyway. So, worrying that you will lose good client opportunities because you "gave away your knowledge" is fool-hearty. If you believe that, you should probably consider alternative forms of marketing and advertising. The bottom line is that in order to have success online, you have to provide valuable information to people that are searching for solutions.

Once you are convinced that publishing your knowledge won't cost you clients, let's identify what types of online legal publishing are the most effective. The Internet provides a wide variety of ways to post content. Whether it be an article, a blog post, web page, or some other form of web content, there are a lot ways to publish. But not all methods of online publishing are equally effective. On the other hand, the effectiveness of your web content has much less to do with the form that it takes and much more to do with the words on the page and the way in which you are able to organize and communicate your message.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gyi Tsakalakis
Gyi Tsakalakis is a law firm SEO consultant with AttorneySync.

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