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Online Marketing Vigilance: Closing the Door on Libel and Slander

The internet provides a medium that has opened up communication channels like no other medium in recent times.

The internet provides a medium that has opened up communication channels like no other medium in recent times. At the click of a mouse, it connects people throughout the world, putting them in instant communication. Businesses reap great marketing benefits by using the web to promote their products and services. However, it also pays to monitor your online marketing. You see, along with the latitude or freedoms that the internet offers, it also ushers in a certain vulnerability, and therefore, a need for vigilance.

The internet is a potential medium for false information ─ fabrications that attempt to damage a company’s reputation. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there are legal lines drawn between opinions and slanderous statements that seek to wrongfully harm an individual or business.

A prominent Law Firm in Long Island City has been a victim of internet slander and advises everyone that it can happen to anyone. In his situation, an unknown individual even set up a website to anonymously attack him and plant doubts in viewers’ minds about his experience and capabilities. It is unfortunate that anonymous, false, and slanderous statements can be posted on the internet without anyone being made to account.

Working with Web Perseverance, the attorneys realized that the best recourse is to promote true information about your firm. For lawyers, this means counteracting bad publicity by concentrating on your craft, your achievements, and maximizing a positive presence on the web. An impeccable reputation with the bar association and a lack of grievances filed against you certainly speaks for itself. Growth of your firm or business through referrals of satisfied clients also helps to discredit slander.

Once again, marketing is a valuable tool for business expansion and this proves true even through the onslaught of libelous attacks. If you are looking to establish a positive presence on the web, find out how Web Perseverance can help.

By Web Perseverance, Inc.
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