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P.F. Changs: "Credit Cards Stolen"

Expert Witness: Evidence Solutions, Inc.
On June 13, 2014, P.F. Changs, based in Phoenix Arizona, released a statement saying they had experienced a breach involving data from their customers credit and debit cards used at their 403 location in the U.S. (including P.F. Changs and Pei Wei). he statement said the time frame in which credit card information was stolen was between March and May of 2014.

The number of cards is believed to be in the thousands. While this number is significantly less than the Target breach in late 2013, it still represents a very large number of cards.

The two attacks may be related. The website which was used to sell the stolen card information from Target is the same website offering to sell the cards stolen from P.F. Changs. This could mean the same culprits were involved. Although, at this point there is no way to be certain until further investigation is completed. The restaurant chain has also stated they are currently working with the Secret Service and third-party investigators
in order to determine the extent of the attack. Another goal of the investigation is to discover the source of the attack.

To combat further card theft, the P.F. Chang’s stated they were moving to manually imprinting cards until such time as they were confident their systems were secure. Once they chain reaches that point, they will restart digital transactions.

P.F. Changs is headquartered in Scottsdale, Az and has locations in: New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, as well as internationally.

The company created a list of restaurants that were affected and the dates during which credit card & debit card information was stolen:

Scottsdale, AZ. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Chula Vista, CA. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Torrance, CA. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Winter Park, FL. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
White Plains, NY. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Collegeville, PA. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Chattanooga, TN. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Woodbridge, VA. 10/19/2013 - 6/11/2014
Peoria, AZ. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Carlsbad, CA. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Chesterfield, MO. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Durham, NC. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Princeton, NJ. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Dayton, OH. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Tulsa, OK. 2/21/2014 - 6/11/2014
Temecula, CA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Palo Alto, CA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Sherman Oaks, CA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Rancho Cucumonga, CA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Lakewood, CO. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Clearwater, FL. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Schaumburg, IL. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Baltimore, MD. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
St. Louis, MO. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
South Las Vegas, NV. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Pittsburgh, PA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Glen Mills, PA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Austin, TX. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Bellevue, WA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Lynnwood, WA. 4/10/2014 - 6/11/2014
Newport Beach, CA. 10/19/2013 - 4/10/2014
Charlotte, NC 10/19/2013 - 10/26/2013

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott Greene of Evidence Solutions, Inc.
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Directly from high school, Scott went to work for IBM. Scott studied Systems Engineering at the University of Arizona. He has since earned certifications in many products and programming languages.

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