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Pharmacologist Expert Witness on Warning Label Defects

Expert witnesses are needed most often when there is an aspect about a case that needs clarification for the judge or jury. In pharmacology cases where there are defects in warning labels, these experts are uniquely qualified in detailing the effects that these defective labels may cause in the health of the public either for an individual or a group.

These professionals generally have extensive experience and knowledge in pharmacology along with medical training and an understanding of physiology and anatomy. This gives these experts the awareness of body and mind issues that medication could cause when the wrong dosage or treatment is administered.

Defects are not always understood by the average person. The standard information does not fully explain just how serious defects could be for someone or a group of persons. When a warning label or prescription label have been applied to a medicine bottle incorrectly, the individual taking the medication is unaware of the issues the pills or liquid could cause based on the specific person that takes it. This could mean that the wrong dosage is consumed, an overdose occurs due to the mislabeled information or certain allergies are not explained. The warning
labels on medicine are important to know what to avoid, what to watch for and any other directions that are needed for the sick person.

Warning Labels

When a medication has side-effects or could cause an allergic reaction, it is important to have this information on the bottle through a warning label. Some of these sticky papers are not correct when a defect through machinery causes the information to be printed incorrectly. This could be through software defects that change the lettering or words, machines that misplace the words or data or through clerical errors from a person. No matter which defect is the culprit, an expert witness is able to instruct the court room about these concerns. With the professional’s knowledge, it is possible to review these cases with enough knowledge to deliberate to informed decision.

Defective items are standard for so many per million or thousand based on the type of accountability a company has when manufacturing. If the warning labels are hand placed, human error could be the reason for the problem. However, most defects occur in the factory where the bottles have the labels applied. Software is often used to generate the warning information, then either humans or machines place the labels on the bottles for mass produced medication such as head-ache relievers. For specialized treatment through pills or liquid, these are often completed in the pharmacists’ offices and stores. However, warning labels could still retain defects based on previously drafted papers with other processes involved.

Pharmacologist Expert Witnesses

An expert witness is often hired because he or she has reliable and relevant experience along with methods that are standard and may be relied upon to assist in determining different aspects of the case. A pharmacologist expert witness may have experience in the medical field, in pharmacology or both when he or she is hired for a case where defective warning labels arises. Typically, this means an intimate understanding of how defects are able to harm others, the extent of injuries, how medicine is able to cause severe complications and the ability to explain these details to the judge or jury.

A pharmacology expert witness is needed over a doctor because these persons know more about the effects that defects cause to others with medication. Other healthcare professionals could be used in a case, but they may not have a specific knowledge of this subject as much as certain professionals. This means that experts in pharmacology are able to detail the relevant details in court. While defects are common in many different products, medicine has the capacity to cause life-altering effects when not taken as directed or prescribed by a physician. Warning labels with the wrong data could even lead to death.

The Expert in Warning Label Defect Cases

While the lawyer assisting in building the case, expert witnesses are hired to explain evidence, processes, reconstruct the incident and similar concerns necessary to prove a claim. For pharmacology issues, this means understanding the defect involved and explaining the deficiency with the warning label. The expert’s testimony is often given more weight than other witnesses due to his or her professional demeanor and knowledge. When applied to the claim in the court room, his or her charm may be what increases the odds of success.

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