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Railroad Accident Expert Witness Describes How Accidents Occur

Railroad incidents often occur when someone is not paying attention to the warning signs available. However, these complications may involve other factors that require an expert witness to describe in the court room for the judge or jury panel.

A professional in the railroad industry is able to explain how these accidents transpire, what elements are involved in these incidents, how injuries may be grievous and if and when compensation should be provided. The persons included in these issues may provide testimony in the court room in addition to the expert to give details about safety, the protocols in place and if there are problems with equipment that could have caused the accident.

Most persons have little knowledge of the complexities of railroad incidents, safety and the tools used to ensure that others are as safe as possible. Because of this, expert witnesses are invaluable in connecting evidence, explaining details and providing much needed knowledge so that someone may be compensated for the injuries and damage that a railroad accident may cause. With the aid of visual graphics, the
ability to articulate well and an extensive report about the situation, these professionals are able to ensure the judge or jury have the information necessary to make an up-to-date decision on the outcome of the case.

How Railroad Accidents Happen

There are a number of elements to a railroad incident, but many of these accidents occur due to the warning signs and lights. It has been reported through research and experts in the industry that the lights used to warn drivers and passengers that a train is on the tracks do not emit enough light for most persons on the road to see well enough to remain away from danger. For those willing to run through the tracks or passed the area, the lights may not be strong enough to show vehicle operators that danger is imminent. Additionally, some trains have loud whistles or horn sounds and some do not. There are some locations that are hidden by trees, and some without the wooden cross beams.

While the safety protocols are in place to protect drivers, some of these individuals are distracted while driving and cannot move out of the way in time to avoid the danger of the train. These distractions of the radio, phone, passengers and items moving in the car keep the appropriate attention from the road. If someone is talking to the driver, he or she may not clearly see a train coming or notice low lit lights in the crossing pathway. Couple this with other traffic, and accidents occur with greater frequency than should happen with railroad stops. Injury and death are possible from these situations.

The Expert Witness for Railroad Accidents

Experts in the railroad field understand the various factors involved in accidents, injuries, safety protocols and complications that may exist with safety measures. In order to be utilized correctly in the court room, an expert witness must easily describe the accidents that occur with drivers and the railroad crossings. These incidents may leave someone with severe limbs, extensive physical damage, life altering wounds and in the worst cases, the person dies. When the train hits the vehicle directly it is possible that the driver or passenger could die instantly depending on where the vehicle is and how fast the train is moving. It is important that the professional hired for the case is able to detail these matters to the judge or jury.

Witnesses to railroad accidents are few and far between unless the other passengers in the car survive and remember the encounter. However, when one of these persons is discovered, they may provide key details to the incident that may assist both the lawyer and the expert witness in piecing the event together. The other evidence usually comes from the vehicle and the scene of the accident. These may provide a clearer picture of what happened and why the vehicle was hit by the train. An expert witness with a background in the railroad specifics is then able to translate these matters to the judge or jury in a manner that permits either to deliberate with an enlightened mind.

Railroad Expert Witnesses in the Court Room

Once all the proof and evidence has been collected, the expert is then able to detail the event to the court room. The testimony of the professional is used to understand why compensation would be needed for the victim.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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