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Reweigh Analysis by an Independent

The seized crack cocaine in this case had diminished in weight by a significant margin, the cause was proposed and later determined to be as a root cause of adding Menthol to the produced product. See " Mentholated Crack Cocaine".

Included are all certifications and notes regarding the case number noted above.

The weight of a product in a sealed clear plastic bag containing 2 additional plastic bags of a yellowish substance partial solid and partial paste reported by Crime Lab under number 190609 to be crack cocaine was performed at the New Orleans DEA office listed at 3838 North Causeway Blvd. Suite 1800, Three Lakeway Center, Metairie, LA 7002. This was in the presence of an attorney, arresting Lieutenant and an representative of the DEA office. The clear plastic bag was heat sealed and labeled Case no. GH-03-0133, Exhibit # 30, Lab no. 190609 from Smith Central Texas Crime Lab.

The Following Certified weights were:
4.990 g
9.980 g

Weight of Material listed above:
61.17 g (weight of entire package as listed above)

Weight of Material:
35.54g (weight of two plastic bags inside the heat sealed original plastic bag marked with case number, exhibit nuber and lab number)

Reported Weight:

To maintain accuracy a final known weight was taken:
Ending Cerified weight 19.958g

Final Conclusion:

The final weight on the re-weighing of this evidence cannot be held true and accurate as a total weight of the evidence without knowing the amount used in identification of the material. The certified weight listed above is a true and accurate certified weight of the material submitted less any sample that would be used and destroyed in the idetification of the material.

By 3rd Degree Investigations, Inc.
Chemistry Forensic Consultant and Expert Witness
Dana Way started her career working in a laboratory in 1989. While working as a Chemist for Commonwealth Laboratories and later for Roche Analytics Laboratories, she learned analysis and reporting, laboratory methods and procedures, method development, and worked with a variety of analysis instruments. Dana started a company called 3rd Degree Investigations in 2005. Since then her work as a defense expert has sent her across the country where she has testified in both state and federal criminal and civil courtrooms. Additionally Dana has acted as a consultant for federal and state law enforcement agencies.

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