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Role of the Accident Analysis Expert Witness

The goal of an expert witness is to provide detailed explanations, experience, analysis from an outside perspective and an overall capability in assisting the party that hired him or her. These persons are experts in a given field with extensive knowledge and expertise.

For those that are involved in accident analysis, they may reconstruct the scenario with all details and documentation provided alongside the evidence pertaining to the case. This may take time, and additional individuals may be required to aid these professionals. The expert accidental analysis witness then testifies in the court with a jury or judge by explaining the situation and how the victim was harmed. This explanation often reveals the at-fault party and how he or she is liable for damages based on the incident.

Expert witnesses used for cases and claims often have certifications or degrees in a field of study. Years of research or field experience are obtained by these persons. Because of this, they make the perfect professionals to contact for testimony as for their memory, recall capabilities and recreation of the concern at hand are usually
much greater than ordinary witnesses. Some of these professionals may even be professors or private educators that expand the specific subject needed for better clarity. This means that refuting what they say in court is frequently difficult. Working in conjunction with a hired lawyer, an expert witness may make or break a case.

The Field of Accident Analysis

Experts that study and research the field of accidents usually analyze the details and circumstances so they may be better understood. These details are frequently derived from various factors that affect drivers on the roads and highways that include weather, road conditions such as hazards, debris in the road, crumbling holes or eroded sections and various personal issues of speed, distractions, the use of alcohol or drugs and medical conditions affecting drivers. These problems that a person may experience when traveling from one place to another are the key to understanding why an accident occurs. For the person that causes the incident, the expert witness analyzes the circumstances to determine how he or she was the at-fault driver.

By recreating or piecing together all the parts of the incident for a clearer picture, an expert witness in accident analysis details to a jury panel or judge the why’s and how’s of the scene. This info may assist in proving that the defending party in the case is the reason a personal injury claim is initiated. When attempting to complete a settlement that necessitated litigation, these expert witnesses may prove that the insurance adjuster had a limited perspective when examining the accident area. With a full grasp of the situation, the deliberating party is able to ensure the correct may be successful in many situations.

Analyst Duties and Other Tasks

There are various types of analysts that may be hired for accident investigations and cases involving litigation. One considered for the claim is one with a scientific background. These persons may reconstruct the incident and explain how and why the details occurred. Methods used may compare different parts and functions of vehicles as well as the malfunctions that occur with numerous systems. One type of science expert witness may have a background more specialized in materials instead of reconstruction or parts. These professionals apply the field of science to modern materials and focus on the failures that occurred with the materials through analysis by utilizing standard techniques with tests. Certain of effects are considered with how they may have affected the incident such as corrosion, temperature changes and stresses on how the materials perform under pressure.

Similar to a material or part expert, another analyst is versed in the failures a system encounters. These individuals test the vehicles involved in accidents through practical and comprehensive methods that are unbiased and independent of other professionals. The strength of various systems, physical and chemical properties of materials and how they may fail based on these tests assist these experts in determining how the failure occurred. Testing machines, microscopes and other equipment are essential in these methods to understand how minor or small failures caused the accident in certain circumstances.

Litigation with an Expert Accidental Analysis Witness

When certain factors exist in a case, it is vital in obtaining an expert witness with an accidental analysis field so he or she may ensure the proper party is held responsible. These professionals are capable in turning a failing case into a success when the right circumstances exist.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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