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Roofing Injuries and Fatality Prevention with the Help of an Expert Witness

When persons are working on the roof, there are many risks to the health and various dangers that could lead to either serious injury or death. If the individual falls through or off the roof, he or she could break bones, suffer soft tissue damage or worse. This could be a wrongful death or liability issue if the person dies or the injuries are extensive enough to need compensation.

Per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are regulations and standards of care that roofing contractors must follow to ensure the protection of workers is carried out. Additionally, if certain contracts and insurance coverage are not procured and signed, the homeowner could be sued.

When there are various factors in place, it is possible to protect against lawsuits from contractors and roofing workers that are harmed during their job duties. It has been explained by OSHA that skylights must be shielded, roofs with holes need to be clearly defined as well as any windows or similar areas where the individual may overlook or fall through. The soft spots on the roof need to be detailed and guarded against possible injury. Contracts should be drafted with the assistance of a lawyer, and if the case must go to the court room, an expert witness
may be needed to clarify the issue to assist the homeowner from costly litigation.

Wrongful Death

There are many cases that result in wrongful death being proven in court. This usually occurs when there are only a few factors involved, and the worker dies while performing standard job duties. He or she is unloading tools, materials and substances as usual. The ladder is not at fault for causing the incident, and the employee still dies through an accidental mishap. This usually includes a loss of footing, gripping the wrong tile, losing balance and similar concerns. When the person falls a great enough distance, he or she is then not able to recover even with emergency medical treatment.

Roofing Injury Accident

When death does not occur, there are usually serious injuries sustained. This often transpires when there are certain areas on a roof that are not given enough caution or that could not be determined as a danger until after the worker has fallen through and landed several feet below. If he or she is able to keep falling, but there are items to assist in slowing the process, it is possible for the employee to survive the incident. While the accident may not be the fault of anyone, it is still possible that litigation may occur. When a professional is available to explain what to avoid and look out for, these issues may be reduced before and after they occur.

Prevention with an Expert Witness

Many professionals that have backgrounds in roofing, construction and injuries related to company or industry jobs are able to understand how there are certain factors that increase and decrease the frequency of harm and death. Many of the most significant problems include equipment or tools. While here may be soft spots or unforeseen dangers on a roof, these are rarer than a ladder collapsing and a hammer smashing a finger. Simple accidents usually lead to severe injuries and death. One missed level on a ladder could cause the person to fall to his or her death. Someone that has experience in these details is able to explain to the workers what to look for, how to prepare and what to avoid to keep fatal incidents to a minimum.


Preventing injuries and fatal incidents is usually accomplished through advice, recommendations, safety precautions and explanations of what should be done and what must be avoided. Professionals that understand protocols in place for safety and protections to workers generally give seminars or conference meetings for companies so that the individuals working on the roofs are aware of what to watch for, how to test tools and materials and if an accident occurs how to best avoid the most harm. Many experts have cautioned to check ladders, keep tools maintained and ensure equipment is in proper working order. Others have explained to employers that certain safety measures are needed such as keeping one person below to ensure a ladder is safe or if a tool falls off the roof.

If the expert is needed for testimony in a court room, he or she may provide details about safety and other prevention methods that were supplied to the company or that may have been ignored which lead to the injury or death.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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