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Safety Labels

It is customary to provide an instruction document with an electric tool or appliance and to include a variety of safety warnings in the document. Typically a circular in small print. How many real people read safety warnings if they can just plug in the device and use it?

Death and destruction result. For example, in one of my cases an electric hot air gun caused a major fire because it was not stored in accordance with its small print. In another case a man was electrocuted because an electric tool became wet, contrary to its small print warning, and the water provided a lethal electrical conductor.

Does such poor labeling prevent product liability?

There should be a conspicuous warning against using the device until after reading the safety warning. A suggested way is to attach a warning label to the plug which must be removed in order to connect the device to power. A word such as DANGER and other danger symbols should appear on the label.

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