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Sample Employee Termination Checklist

Expert Witness: Evidence Solutions, Inc.
In today's technology world, almost every company uses computers. Here's a sample of an Employee Termination Checklist.

Employee Termination Checklist

Personal computers, including: terminals and modems and software and printers:
- Computing assets are tagged to an individual, when leaving the company the individual must return the assets to their manager
- Managers should provide receipts to the departing employee
- Manager should ensure the appropriate action is taken for these assets, returning them to the Information Technology department for re-deployment unless otherwise advised by Company Counsel.
- It is the responsibility of the Information Technology department to ensure that all sensitive data is deleted
from the PC if it is to be transferred to an individual who should not have access to this information.
- Once notified, the Information Technology department will immediately deactivate all appropriate accounts used by the departing employee. Deletion of the employee’s account will happen approximately 60 days after the departure of the employee unless otherwise directed by Company Counsel.
- IMPORTANT NOTE: All access to systems must be rescinded before individual's last day of service.

Access cards, ID cards & Keys:
- Managers must ensure that all Company access, swipe and proximity cards, as well as ID cards, are returned to the Company prior to the departure of the employee
- Employee’s Manager needs to ensure that all keys are returned to the Company.

Equipment, software, and non-consumable items; Items purchased for work purposes:
- It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment, software, and any other property purchased for work purposes are returned to the company prior to leaving.

Combination locks and code locks:
- All combination locks, door codes and other coded locks to which the employee had access shall be changed.

Protective Clothing:
- Managers should arrange for the return of all protective clothing provided to the employee by the company.

Company logo clothing, etc.:
- Managers should arrange for the return of any and all clothing that has the company logo on it that has been provided to the employee by the company.

Financials, Cash advances, Corporate charge cards:
- Managers should document and give receipts for the return of all money, etc.
- Corporate cards must be retrieved from employees leaving the company, cut in half, and sent to the HR department.

Communications: Cell phones, pagers and other mobile devices:
- Employee shall receive a receipt for all mobile devices that are returned to the Company.
- All technology returned by the employee shall be delivered to the Information Technology department for cleanup, re-use or disposal.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott Greene of Evidence Solutions, Inc.
For over 30 years, Scott Greene has been helping companies meet the challenges of the swiftly evolving computer technology industry.

Directly from high school, Scott went to work for IBM. Scott studied Systems Engineering at the University of Arizona. He has since earned certifications in many products and programming languages.

The Evidence Solutions team analyzes data from Computers, Cell Phones, Black Boxes, Dispatch Systems, Medical Records, Email systems and more. Scott then explains the digital evidence in plain English.

Scott’s extensive knowledge draws clients to him from all over the United States as well as Internationally for consulting, Forensics and expert witness services. His extensive and diverse experience allows him to be an expert in many facets of digital and electronic evidence. Scott, a sought after speaker and educator, travels throughout the country sharing his knowledge and presenting to local, regional, national and International organizations.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.For specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact the author.

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