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Saving Time when Selecting an Expert Witness

The numerous processes needed to get through a case take more time than is frequently provided, and any saving time when selecting and hiring an expert witness is a blessing to the lawyer. There are various websites, other professionals and individual consultants that may provide a means to save time when selecting an expert witness, but each could either cut down or increase the time taken.

It is possible to save time when selecting an expert witness through various means, but some choose to use a consultant. Another expert that could not qualify as an expert to provide testimony or a professional hired specifically to help find the right fit for the subject matter in the case may be utilized in these instances. This usually cuts down time by days or weeks. When the consultant is able to assist in finding the perfect match, he or she may still have tasks later such as corroborating opinions, providing other recommendations and similar duties.

Some lawyers hire an expert through a matching service. This could be any number of businesses that are in the service to lawyers by matching an expert witness based on the subject of the case. Some such as the Expert Institute are popular in multiple areas. There may be no specific address, but a match
may be found in the particular area needed. Credentials are checked, the experts are vetted appropriately, times and interviews are scheduled, and availability is worked out by the agency. Through the use of these companies, the lawyer may negotiate the fees for hiring and a time table for services provided for the case.

Choosing the Right Expert

When the lawyer is tasked with finding an expert witness for the case, he or she has a difficult road ahead of him or her. It is important to ensure the right expert is hired based on the relevance to the case. This may require understanding the specialty in healthcare, the type of accounting, electronic issue or what type of scientist is needed. Once it is clear which type of expert and what field of study, the specialty may become more understood. Then, the lawyer may need to interview several to ensure the best professional is hired that fits the claim.

The Interview

When selecting the expert witness, the lawyer must ensure all his or her questions are relevant and appropriate. The case must be discussed with the candidate and the details may need clarification with the professional. This provides a basis of opinion on the expert and it may give the lawyer a sense of the character of the professional. This includes the charm, charisma, speaking prowess, how well the expert understands the subject matter and if he or she speaks at the best speed for an active listener.

The characteristics of the expert often may only be discovered and understood in person. The questions may have several answers, but how the answers are worded may give an indication that the professional is the right choice.
The interview process is where the expert is usually chosen. However, if the professional is not the right fit, he or she may not exhibit the traits that demonstrate this to the legal professional until after he or she has started performing tasks. A consultant may provide additional assistance in these matters by watching the expert witness while the lawyer continues his or her actions to progress the case further. The expert hired may appear the best choice, but he or she could have lied or deceived the legal party into thinking he or she has the proper credentials when this is not true. While this is not a common occurrence, it happens
enough that sometimes the expert is disqualified.

Updates and Saving Time

Updates in the selection process when a service or consultant is utilized to hire an expert witness are important. They may appear a burden, but the more information the lawyer has, the less likely he or she may suffer from consequences with an expert witness that is not the correct match to the case. These updates save time and are important the closer the court dates become. By delegating the tasks of watching the expert witness or hiring a professional to another, the lawyer is able to save an inordinate amount of time. Then, he or she may focus on the tasks and continue moving the claim through the administrative hoops. It is imperative as much time is saved as possible to prevent disastrous circumstances.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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