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Spine Surgery Experts: Car Accident Cases

Spinal injuries during car accidents occur with frequency when the body movements force the back and neck in one direction quickly or in opposite directions simultaneously. These incidents lead to the need for hiring a spinal surgery expert to explain the complications and possible malpractice or the difficult problems that arise in the accident.

Spinal surgery is necessary when a car accident places more pressure on the back and base of the neck. These injuries lead to complications in the body that only correction through surgical procedures may fix. The medical professional attached to the case may face serious consequences when he or she falters and acts negligently. However, the same negative impact is felt when a car manufacturer or defect are the cause of the injuries. Then, the experts attached need to prove different information. The experts hired for the case may need a background in the medical field with a specialization in spinal surgery to explain the damage or to show the court how the doctor did not perform with all due care.

Car-Related Issues

Back and spinal injuries are possible with blunt force trauma in a car accident. When the person driving or sitting in the vehicle as
a passenger moves forcefully in one or multiple directions, these movements may cause whiplash, concussion or muscle and bone trauma. This leads to injuries inside the body and various bone conditions that may protrude from the skin. When these matters connect to the collision, an expert may need to explain what occurred and what is necessary for possible recovery. These issues become complicated when additional problems arise through malpractice or medical negligence.

The Spine Injuries Explained

Minor tissue damage is often the easiest injury to diagnose. However, soft tissue damage, broken bones and spinal trauma may all occur together or separately. Sometimes, the patient may exhibit only one symptom when there are numerous issues at play. He or she may present only a single spine complication but later feel enormous pain. Additionally, the spinal complications may lead to temporary or permanent paralysis. These are most often observable at the time of the incident, but they may occur later when the spine realigns. If the person moves from the vehicle or someone carries him or her after the injury occurs, the paralysis may set in from the movement.

The forceful movements in a car accident often lead to severe after effects that harm the body in greater or lesser degrees based on the surrounding circumstances. When the back or neck slam into an object in the vehicle or snap into the window, both lacerations and internal damage often occur. The soft tissue injuries may also cause muscle, tendon and bone damage. The internal complications may require time before a doctor may observe the problems. Additionally, days or weeks frequently need to pass before swelling goes down enough for other injuries to present themselves to the doctor.

Testimony for Spinal Injuries in Car-Related Accidents

The expert for car-related injuries usually has some background in the medical field to explain the damage. However, when the wounds sustained involve the back or neck, these situations often include spinal trauma. This requires the use of a spinal surgery expert. Someone that has current or past work in the surgical team of a hospital or healthcare facility is generally best equipped with knowledge and procedural details to support the case. His or her understanding of standards of care and how negligence may cause irreparable harm is crucial in these claims. Through explaining various factors and elements of the case to the judge or jury, the expert may provide a better understanding of spinal injuries and what causes them.

Testimony Explanations in the Courtroom

The need for the expert is clear when there are single or multiple injuries that affect the spinal area of the back or neck. A vertebra disc may slip out of place or rupture in the forceful movements the victim goes through after a collision. Nerve damage is common and may hide under inflamed tissue or extensive bruising. Ligament and tendon harm could lead to severe soft tissue injuries. Some of these require moths to years for even possible recovery.

By explaining these issues to the courtroom, the expert may expound upon the necessity of compensation for any chance of a recovery from the collision. When the spinal surgery expert details the sheer amount of pain the victim will go through, the judge or jury may become more aware of why monetary compensation is necessary.

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