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Summer Planning Helps Fall Sales Cycle

Now is a great time to work on the law firm marketing campaigns you plan to launch once the kids are back in school and clients have returned from summer vacation.

Client retention is important to protect your base of revenue, and a direct mail campaign in early September will remind your clients that you are ready to assist them with their legal work.

A quarterly newsletter or client alert is an effective way to provide your clients with substantive guidance that lets them know you are protecting their legal interests. These could be delivered in print and/or email formats.

Here are 7 steps you should be taking now in order to be ready for your September mailing:

1. Check your mailing list for accuracy and completeness.
2. Write the copy for your newsletter or promotional piece. Avoid the temptation to leave this to the last minute.
3. Speak to your graphic designer about the visual appearance of your mailing, which should be consistent with your website and other collateral pieces.
4. Talk to a printer about the type of paper to use, the pros and cons of a self-mailer versus an envelope, and estimated postage.
5. Design your newsletter or client alert so that it drives the reader to your website for more information.
6. Offer something free, like a check list or attendance at an educational seminar. This is an effective way to establish a "response rate" for your campaign.
7. Last but not least, consider how the attorney advertising guidelines within your state apply to your campaign.

When you start the fall season strongly with a proactive client marketing campaign, you will be in a position to generate more business for the fourth quarter. Plus, you will still have time to work on your law firm's holiday mailing.

Remember, never stop marketing!

By Legal Expert Connections, Inc.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Margaret Grisdela
Margaret Grisdela has over 25 years of experience in information management, marketing and operations. Much of her career has been spent collecting and translating large volumes of data into powerful knowledge that drives high performance for publishers and leading businesses.

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