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TLD’s A Great Opportunity for Law Firms and Small Business

By OVC Lawyer Marketing
Chicago Lawyer Website Marketing
More than 80 business associations and companies requested U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary John Bryson, to act immediately to urge the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to postpone a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) expansion.

The Association and other members of the Coalition for Responsible Internet Domain Oversight (CRIDO), led by the Association of National Advertisers, represent millions of American businesses. ICANN is the nonprofit organization under contract with the Commerce Department to manage the domain-name process.

The ICANN plan is to effectively promote competition in the domain name market while ensuring Internet security and stability. New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) help achieve that commitment by paving the way for increased consumer choice and by facilitating competition among registry service providers. Soon entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and communities around the world will be able to apply to operate a Top-Level Domain registry of their own choosing.

ICANN approved the new domain-name application process ( in June 2011 in spite of heated opposition by the United States. Costs include an application fee of $185,000 for each top-level domain. Any established public or private organization that meets eligibility requirements anywhere in the world can apply to create and operate a new gTLD registry. Applicants will need to demonstrate the operational, technical and financial capability to run a registry and comply with additional specific requirements.

Top-level domains are the words that appear to the right of the dot in Internet addresses, such as .com, .org and .net. Twenty-two top-level domains ( are currently approved for use in the United States.

If ICANN proceeds as planned, the organization will start accepting applications Jan. 12, 2012, for hundreds and ultimately thousands of new top-level domains. Applicants could claim virtually any word, including generic terms such as “law” or “lawyer,” a geographic location, or a specific brand name. Only 500 TLDS will be approved from the applications received in January for the first phase; subsequent batches will be limited to 400.

This is a great opportunity for companies and individuals that missed out during
the .com boom in the early 90’s.

Legal Internet Marketing expert Greg Wildman feels like this can be an opportunity of a lifetime for law firms and other businesses.

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Online Video Concepts, LLC, is owned and operated by Greg Wildman. Online Video Concepts, LLC creates and produces videos for lawyer websites. We also distribute the videos to 3rd parties for search engine results. We are your one-stop shopping for video production, video editing and DVD replication at an affordable price. We have over 10 years experience working with law firms in the Chicago area.

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