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Trends in International Education

Expert Witness: MJ Dennis Consulting
International higher education is a big business, a $400 billion dollar “industry.” Since 2000, the number of overseas students, graduate and undergraduate students and exchange students, has increased by nearly 80%. Higher education is a business wrapped around every corner of the globe.

By 2025, global demand for seats in higher education is projected to double, reaching an annual enrollment of 200 million students.

As long as the middle class continues to grow in the developing world, demand for postsecondary education will continue to outpace supply.

No one country will dominate the international student market in the future. Students will migrate to new international destinations based on a variety of factors including price, visa eligibility, work opportunities and availability of quality education in the students’ home country.

Technology and today’s “digital native” student
will determine educational delivery methods in the future.

The increasing availability of telephone and Internet connections is starting to unite the world’s rich and poor. Online education will make higher education available to students who otherwise could not afford to attend college outside their home country.

For-profit institutions in the developed world will expand their educational services, especially as distance and e-learning providers.

In the future, private financing will increase and public financing will decrease, resulting in higher tuition rates.

AUTHOR: MJ Dennis Consulting

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