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Use of Force Expert Witnesses Testify in Police Brutality Cases

Police brutality cases are often experienced when officers are not trained properly, have been subjected to pressure or abuse in their lives or have certain views such as racism or sexism. When these incidents occur, it is generally important to hire an expert witness that is able to explain why they actions occur and how the victim needs compensation to recover.

Expert witnesses are hired for police brutality cases when they have relevant knowledge or experience in law enforcement processes, arrests, problems that could lead to litigation against the agency or similar issues. These professionals have a unique disposition and reliable processes to demonstrate through visual aids how and when police officers should treat a subject as dangerous or a flight risk. However, an attack, injury or harm to the possible perpetrator of a crime should is not usually required at any point. It is frequently in these claims that an expert is hired to show how brutal the officer was.

Prosecutors also hire experts to explain and how an officer of the law was more violent and brutal in an instance against someone. The criminal charges issued against the police person lead to possible severe penalties up to and including time behind
bars. When the expert is unbiased and separated from the incident, he or she may give more details and descriptions of what occurred and why when the behavior is understood. If the expert is a psychologist, he or she may explain the situation, the actions of the officer and how they require either justice through the law or civil penalties of damages owed to the victim for recovery.

What Is Police Brutality?

When someone has been injured during an arrest, interview or when an individual is wanted for questioning, these instances are frequently considered police brutality when no violence is necessary to complete the action. There are videos online from simple jaywalking incidents where a person has been forced onto the ground and been scratched and bruised in the process. Others have had a Taser attack just for getting out of a car. When law enforcement officers go too far when just attempting to question or field test a person that could be under suspicion of drunk driving, these situations could lead to civil litigation.

Police brutality is explained in the courtroom by the expert hired to alleviate confusion. When the professional has experience in either law enforcement or psychology, he or she may have the necessary information and expertise in demonstrating how the incident should have gone when proper procedure were used. The experts of the mind are able to show the judge or jury what someone with no mental issues would have reasonably accomplished in the same circumstances, and this may lead to the need for psychological assistance for the officer. A success in the civil lawsuit occurs when the police have been proven to have harmed someone unnecessarily.

The Expert in Police Brutality

When a law enforcement officer is charged with abusing a victim, he or she may be backed by the agency or department he or she works for, and this could cause complications in proving that police brutality transpired. However, an unbiased opinion from someone with expert knowledge or experience is able to describe to the judge or jury what happened clearly. This testimony is often given more weight when the courtroom has confidence in the expert witness. A psychological evaluation of the officer is also better understood in this context, and the judge or jury is able to deliberate with more information than in usual circumstances.

Whether the testimony of the expert is used for civil or criminal disputes, an explanation of the actions is usually needed. When someone is hospitalized due to a Taser attack, the person is often looked at in a negative light. Even when his or her officers are protecting his or her actions, the victim could have been injured enough that action is needed. The use of force is frequently too much and the act of violence causes grievous harm or death to someone that should have been treated in a more reasonable manner.

Use of Force

When an expert testifies and provides an opinion on what occurred and how the use of force was excessive, this conclusion to his or her report on the actions of the officer may show how the violence was unnecessary. The expert argues for compensation for recovery and to become whole after the incident.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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