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Using a Forensic Scientist as an Expert Witness

Forensic science is useful when criminal or civil court cases arise from various complications. With the assistance of a forensic scientist expert witness, it may be possible to determine multiple factors, who is liable for damages and what occurred during the incident.

Expert witnesses testify in court for many different subjects, and when using forensic science their methods are generally sound and reliable with scientific procedures backing them. This permits the professional to discover new evidence, tie the proof gathered to the corresponding party and show why the victim is owed damages. Through relevant processes, the expert may detail to the judge and courtroom how the crime occurred. This may be accomplished through recreating the incident or with information garnered from the evidence and testimony of other witnesses. The lawyer may help the expert explain and prove his or her opinion of the event.

Forensic sciences are utilized in the criminal and civil processes to resolve disputes, charge and convict criminal perpetrators and protect the public. These activities include scientific analysis of various methods with evidence. These processes are objective without opinion, are based on fact and may be applied for each type of case equally without regard of the responsible party. Forensic science may be any act of using scientific methods for the use of law, but they usually involve measuring, examining or inspecting pieces of evidence tied to the case. An expert used as a witness has a background in a field of study relevant to the subject matter of the claim.

The Use of Forensic Science

Both criminal and civil cases use forensic science to apply a variety of scientific methods to the claims. For liability, these procedures may uncover the factors needed to prove negligence. The duty of care being owed to the victim could be determined easily by the person being at the location. The breach in duty could be discovered through forensic science. And the breach causing the injury is generally apparent once the breach is connected from the responsible party to the victim. Criminal cases tend to require more steps. However, when litigation is involved, these experts are invaluable in showing the courtroom how the injuries were caused by negligence or intentional acts of harm.

Through the use of a laboratory, testing facilities and similar locations, a forensic scientist may find certain aspects of the case less confusing when these methods discover new elements. A lab may be used to examine blood found at a crime scene or inspect it for alcohol when a driver has been pulled over for suspected driving while intoxicated. Both scenarios are often derived from forensic processes to determine if the person is responsible or accountable for injuring another person. Other methods such as matching DNA and taking a closer look at skin and hair samples could assist other evidence.

The Expert Witness Using Forensic Science

Through scientific methods, the expert witness may deduce certain facts, discover a connection and may find the culprit of a crime when he or she has not been discovered. However, many of these processes aid the plaintiff when the evidence has already been gathered. If there are tire tracks, broken bits of the car, pictures part of the license plate and similar items, a forensic scientist has a greater ability to piece everything together and link the claim to the defendant. This provides more weight to the judge or jury, and when it is observed visually or through a presentation, these persons may more easily understand the testimony.

Some parts of forensic science are more relevant and reliable than others. Depending on the case and included factors, the methods may have more backing. Conducting tests and analyzing certain elements of the case often bare fruitful results. However, the expert witness may not always reveal what the client is seeking. It is important to know that these procedures have a certain error rate. The testimony combined with the methods used often garners a greater understanding of confusing elements, evidence that do not match and similar circumstances. With the ability to speak eloquently, the expert witness could increase the awareness of the courtroom in the claim.

The Forensic Expert’s Testimony

When the expert is hired to work for the plaintiff, he or she usually relies on tested methods for scientific processes. However, he or she may also create a report, find supporting documentation and other procedures. With his or her assistance, the case may strengthen depending on the evidence already gathered.

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