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Using a Journalism Expert Witness in Civil Cases

Journalism expert witnesses are hired when there are certain complications with the freedom of speech or when more information is needed in a case. These professionals have experience in investigations, due diligence with reporters and geographical systems which may be applied to a claim.

Using an expert witness in a civil case usually involves the knowledge he or she possesses and the experience in the practical areas of the field of study. Professionals that have specialized in a specific field have more expertise and could discover additional elements of which others have no awareness. This is then applied in the courtroom to the judge or jury panel for better deliberations based on details not previously presented. A journalism expert also investigates with better skills than someone else. He or she may reveal certain factors that assist in showing the liable party.

When there are certain factors of a case that require discovery to link to the perpetrator of the incident, a journalism expert is beneficial to the case. Through his or her knowledge of how to examine and inspect various scenes, events and items in the field, it may be easier to reveal the link that is missing to the claim. This could be video surveillance that may have been lost, deleted or removed from a building’s video logs. This may also be walking the scene to observe how a property may have dangers or areas with low lighting that could cause an accident. With these investigative skills, it may be possible to determine who is liable and if negligence exists with the incident.

The Investigation in Claims

When a claim arises, there may be certain aspects that require additional investigation or examination. When a victim is left at the scene but there are no apparent perpetrators, it may require additional methods to ascertain that the responsible party is someone specific. This could be a company, the owner of the business or a professional. If the incident is a car accident, certain clues might be discovered through a thorough and careful investigation. This is especially important when an auto accident is a hit and run. If a professional acted in an inappropriate manner, it is important to reveal and gather the evidence that could need different processes than the lawyer is aware exists.

A journalism expert witness is generally used to hard work and using his or her skills to uncover the truth of the incident. Even if this is a civil lawsuit, the expert may provide untapped wisdom in discovering evidence and much needed proof in a claim that may be weak. Showing that the other party is negligence or has intentionally harmed the victim is difficult, but with a more intense investigation into the matter, it may be possible to uncover these factors. Additional methods may include psychological profiles, door to door witness questioning and uncommon processes. The journalism expert witness may have the ability to help the case more than the standard professional.

Research and Connecting the Case

When there are numerous issues with connecting the case to the liable party, someone that is able to research effectively and quickly is most advantageous to the plaintiff’s claim. An expert with a background in journalism is beneficial in this manner as well as charming answers out of witnesses and others linked to the incident. Associating evidence to the crime is important for compensation to be considered by the judge or jury. This may require eloquent words explaining the need for monetary compensation based on injuries, negligence or death. Research is important in these matters, and accurate information is key to pieces the puzzle together. A journalism expert witness may have the experience and knowledge to complete these actions.

It is imperative that the methods used are both reliable and relevant to the subject matter of the case. If the expert hired conducts research, investigations and reports for the evidence and proof gathered, he or she may be invaluable. When these items are used through testimony, the professional may show the courtroom how the defendant is accountable for the injuries or other damages. Personal injury and medical claims of malpractice may include negligence. While this is often difficult to discover or reveal in court, skill and training with facts and inquiry methods could show how he or she is the responsible party. The expert witness explains these details to the judge or jury verbally, but he or she may use visual graphic to enhance the experience.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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